How to do the Korean Glass Skin Routine

    Natural beauty products are eco-friendly and cruelty-free

    The glass skin is a kind of skin texture that imitates that of a polish surface. This term is what Koreans use to describe a perfect, dewy, and glowing skin. Beauty gurus and enthusiasts all over the world have been trying to unlock the secret of having glass skin. The answer lies in what you do every day before you go out and before you go to sleep.

    Here are the morning and evening routines for glass skin:


    You have to put the sun into consideration when creating your morning glass skin routine. Use sun-safe products or products that won’t react badly to heat and sweating. For your daytime routine, you can try Benton products that contain natural ingredients. The company specializes in using natural and healthy ingredients like aloe, snail extracts, bee extracts, and green tea in their skincare items. Check out Benton products here.

    Here are the steps you can do during the morning:

    1. Water cleanse

    If you have been doing a routine the night before, you only need to do water cleansing in the morning. Your shower can also be a substitute for this step, granted that you used a cleansing foam on your face.

    2. Tone

    You need to tone your skin to neutralize the pH before applying any more products. This product is vital in the daytime because your face should have a neutral acid level before you apply sunscreen.

    3. Day cream or moisturize

    Hydration is key to the morning glass skin routine. Using a day cream or moisturizer will ensure that your face will have enough hydration to last the day.

    4. Sun protect

    The sun is harmful to your skin, so make sure that you finish the entire routine with a sunscreen. There are BB creams and foundations with SPF, but you have to make sure that you use a backup lightweight sunscreen product.


    The evening routine puts more emphasis on cleaning up the skin and preparing it for bedtime. If you have been wearing makeup or other products on your face, you need to make sure that you don’t take the dirt and gunk to your bed. Aside from making sure your skin is clean, you also have to do treatments that will improve your skin’s natural regenerative properties.

    Here are the steps you can do during the night:

    1. Double cleanse

    At the start of your night routine, you need to clean your face with oil and water cleansers. The oil removes makeup and other products on your face, while the water finishes the entire process.

    2. Tone

    Before putting additional products on your face, you need to use a toner to get rid of the dirt that the cleansers missed. Aside from that, your toner will neutralize the pH level of your skin and prepare it for other products.

    3. Essence

    Before using pimple treatments and serums, you need to use essence. The essence is a product that enhances the absorption properties of serums and emulsions.

    4. Treatments

    This step is essential, especially if you have an acne-prone face. You need to use your serums, emulsions, and other items before going to bed so that your skin will have time to digest the ingredients and use them during slumber.

    5. Sheet mask

    The sheet mask helps seal off the essence and serums on your face. Make sure that you only leave the sheet on for a maximum of 30 minutes or according to the time indicated on the instructions.

    6. Moisturize

    You need to moisturize your skin, so it doesn’t dry out while you’re sleeping. Only apply a thin layer so that you still have room for your sleep spa or night cream.

    7. Night cream

    The night cream or sleeping cream is a product that helps your skin’s natural regeneration. This last step uses sleeping as another skincare step.


    Glass skin may look intimidating, but it’s achievable with the right products and discipline. The key is making sure that the skincare items used are the right ones for your skin. Suitable skincare products don’t have to be expensive, but they need to apply in the correct order. You can see the dramatic changes in your skin after a week or two of continuous routine applications.


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