How to Define Curls: The Beginner’s Guide

    Curls are an excellent thing to have but can be a nightmare to keep. And, you better believe it, there is more to curls than outstanding Instagram photos. 

    But, if you also want an excellent look, there is a question to ask. How to define curls

    Luckily, defining curls is easy to learn. It takes practice, even a routine, but you can do it at your home. 

    Before Your Start 

    Now, a lot of women make the mistake of simply defining the curls. That may pass if you have high-quality hair with low porosity. That is rarely the case. Most of the time, women experience some issue with their hair that prevents them from achieving an excellent look. 

    So, before you start, pay attention to these factors.  

    Hair Type 

    The factor you want to study the most is your hair type. There are four hair types in the curly hair category. 

    The difference between them is in the complexity of the hair, thickness, and shape. The fastest way to determine your exact hair type is to visit a hairdresser. They can give you all the information you need about hair care and how to style your hair. 

    Once you know your hair type, it is time to move on and learn about hair quality. 

    Hair Porosity 

    Knowing your hair type is a prerequisite for styling your hair. Each hair type requires a specific treatment plan and approach. Avoid using the same product and shower routine for coily and wavy curly hair. 

    Yet, the problem of hair porosity remains regardless of the hair type. It is a universal problem that each woman experiences. Hair porosity refers to the ability of hair to retain moisture. 


    If you have high porosity, you can’t style your hair. Your hair will lack shine and volume and look bad. Thus, you want a treatment plan before you get your hair in condition to define your curl. 


    Once you get your hair in proper condition, you pursue the ultimate goal. The secret to a fantastic hairstyle and haircut is healthy hair. 

    You can pay for dozens of treatments, but that is not a guarantee of healthy hair. If you want curls that take your breath away, you have to work for them. And work means prolonged, constant care of your hair. 

    Imagine you have excellent hair. It is time to learn how to define your curls.  


    There is a process you have to follow when you work with curls. It is not anything so specific or impossible to perform. If you take care of your hair properly it is going to be a piece of cake. 

    All defining curls take is a standard shower routine with a twist. You do it after washing your hair and preserving its moisture. 

    Once you have done that, all that is left is to follow your imagination.

    Washing Your Hair 

    The whole process starts with washing your hair. There is a general rule to use fewer products before you define your curls. s

    For example, you may use products that increase volume and hair moisture. But, if you are using too many products, you may lose moisture. That kills the whole process of defining curls. 

    The best scenario is to wash with a shampoo. While you can use a thorough hair routine any other day, make an exception for this situation. 

    Once you wash your hair, it is time to seal moisture. 

    Seal the Moisture 

    Sealing the moisture means that you want to keep the hair moist for as long as possible. The whole process depends on your ability to do that. 

    You want your hair moist, not wet. That means that after you wash your hair, apply products that keep your hair moist. Or, if you don’t want to do that, wait for 5-10 minutes for your hair to dry. It is best to avoid drying your hair with a fan. 

    Once you feel that your hair is neither dry nor wet, you can define your curl. Keep in mind that this is the ideal moment to define your curls. 

    Section Your Hair 

    Before you go on and do it, you have to section your hair. Or, you have to do the final preparation of hair before defining your curls. 

    To make it even simpler, you have to comb the parts of the hair you work with. Use a wide comb to separate and detangle portions of hair. Then, you may proceed to define your curls. 

    For final thoughts, think about the necessary equipment. But, you can do it all with a standard shampoo, conditioner, and a wide comb. 

    Defining Your Curls 

    The beauty of this process is that there are a bunch of ways to define curls. Of course, if you are starting you want to use established methods. 

    So, you can follow these methods and practice with them. Later on, you can see what works for you and experiment with that. 

    Wash and Go 

    Wash and Go is the simplest method for defining curls. When you do Wash and Go, you build from the momentum when the hair is still wet. 

    All you have to do is apply a conditioner or another product to keep your hair moisturized. Section your hair in any way you want. You can do it with a comb, or you can do it with your hands. 

    Once you section and define it, leave it air dry. You are ready to go.

    The Finger Coiling Method  

    The finger coiling method works best when you want to detail your curls. Unlike Wash and Go, it takes much more work, but it is worth the time. 

    When you use this method, you have to work section by section. So, you take a bit of hair product and put it on your fingers. Then, you apply the product to the section of hair and coil it with your fingers. 

    The finger coiling method takes time, but it is the best way to create a specific hairstyle. 

    The Sponge Method

    The sponge method works best when you are short on time. While it is a time-effective method, you are going to sacrifice the details. 

    Yet, if you have limited time to prepare for a night out, go with the sponge method. All you have to do is apply the hair product on the section of hair before defining it. Then, use a wide comb and use repetitive, circular motions to define the curls. 

    Let it air dry, and voila! You have excellent curls.  

    The Bantu Knot-Out Way 

    The Knot-out way of defining curls can give you one of the best looks. It’s a look that you can recognize immediately by its unusual shape. 

    For this method, you want to separate your hair into smaller sections. Wrap the sections tightly at the base of the hair. Secure them with an object if you have to. Leave the hair dry overnight. When you wake up, unravel the hair, and you are good to go. 

    Out of all looks, this is one of the best to wear with curly hair. 

    Give It a Try 

    There you have it. That is how you define curls. Remember that it’s all about experimentation and trying new things out. 

    You can try a bunch of different things. But, the most important thing is to find what makes you feel beautiful.


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