How To Deal With Your Summer Fomo


    That brings us to FOMO

    FOMO is a person’s insidious psychological condition where they suffer from ‘fear of missing out’. Since FOMO plagues a growing portion of the mass population, especially millennials (thanks to social media), there has to be a few ways to deal with it. I mean, doesn’t it always seem like everyone on Instagram is having way more fun than us? Realistically, not everyone you know is eating the best foods, traveling to the most exotic places, and celebrating life with loud music and sparklers. Our experiences may seem to be on steroids, but that doesn’t mean they are all resulting in exceeded levels of personal gratification. None of it is real. And you are not alone.

    Just as summer is about to vanish before our very eyes, here are five tips to help you beat the blues:

    Slow Your Roll

    Individuals tend to move at a much quicker stride than necessary or even beneficial to our own being. It is important for people to slow down at times. Take initiative to retrain your daily habits including practicing eating rituals, having engaging conversations, working more efficiently, or even love-making at a slower pace. Supporting friends and family to function in a relaxed manner will result in happier routines and an appreciation of time and moments.

    Use Better Judgement

    Make healthier decisions when assessing and justifying what is truly essential or required vs. what is simply just desirable. It is time to choose what to eliminate. If certain aspects which frequently monopolize your day, seem trivial in the long-run, they probably are. If they are not contributing to the quality of your life in a positive or profound, meaningful way, say GOODBYE. Although this may take a lot of effort, time and practice, once mastered, your experiences will feel more rewarding and you will be able to shake the feelings of insecurity that everyone is living their best life except you!

    Live It, Don’t Just Upload IT

    Meaning, actually enjoy the organic moments which make memories. Don’t just snap photos and forget to relish in your current state. People consistently admire, and sometimes even envy, when they see what everyone else doing on the Gram, and when their day comes, they can’t wait to share it instead of taking it all in. Individuals often forget that it is not a competition of who is having the most fun on every given day, and “the grass is greener on the other side? syndrome holds more weight today than ever before because of these platforms. The bottom line is, everyone has opportunities to attract happiness to their own lives, but sometimes FOMO leaves us failing to recognize it, leaving us unfulfilled and our soul undernourished over petty, symbolic BS.

    Accept What Life May Not Have Provided To You Yet

    Needs are more limited than we think. It is our dreams, passions, and desires which are boundless. Instead of seeking out on a quest for impulses which we lust after, be thankful in the areas where all of the essentials are being met. Decide your highest priorities, then focus. Let go of whatever ideas that are in your head, and holding you back from contentment. Pursue pleasure in the mundane, and be present with a non-judgmental awareness of your current state of being.

    One on One

    Just because everyone else around us acts like they are multitasking, and crushing their grind, doesn’t mean that we all have to or that it is right for everyone.

    Clinical psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi insights, “Studies which have been conducted by experts on ‘Multi-tasking’ have revealed it to be an over-rated concept for many reasons. People are often much better at engagement when aiming at one task at a time and are not interfered with by other thoughts, or possible disruptions, rather than simultaneous errands. Peak performance is not only preferred, but it is also a key element in business and everyday life. By prioritizing what needs to be completed and working alone to accomplish them, proves effective and timely.?

    Still feeling the FOMO???

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    Hopefully, this article helps you to feel empowered. Say it with us…