How to Create Summer Outfits According to the Latest Trends

    As we finally leave the bad weather behind us, it is now time to revamp out spring-summer wardrobe, and see what outfits we can make with what we have, and what new clothes we should consider to keep up with the latest trends. Today, we want to present you with some trendy summer outfit ideas, to inspire you to play with different styles and to show off different sides of your personality. Most of these outfits are comfortable to wear, and they are suitable for most body types.

    Black maxi dress outfits

    A black maxi dress is perfect for the summer. It is extremely versatile, and depending on how you accessorize it, you can wear it on different occasions. For example, pair it with an oversized straw hat, a pair of sliders and some trendy sunglasses and you’ve got yourself the perfect beach outfit. Wear it with high heels, a leather jacket and an oversized purse, and you will create the perfect urban look for a chillier summer day. Wear it with an oversized gold belt, a pair of jewel-incrusted sandals and some glam jewelry, and you will create a perfect evening look, suitable for a date or a casual cocktail night with the girls. If you don’t have a black maxi dress, consider buying one with an empress cut, or one with an off the shoulder ruffle as these models will be very popular this season.

    Tropical print dress outfits

    The tropical print dress is an absolute must have this season. Our advice is to opt for a mid-length dress, with a classic cut and a palm leaf print. The easiest way to wear such a dress is to keep it in its element, by pairing it with nature inspired elements such as a woven bag, wood bangles and cork platform sandals. While there is nothing wrong with this classic look, if you really want to stand out, consider wearing a palm print dress with a masculine white shirt, obnoxiously high heels, gold accessories and red lipstick.

    Creative romper outfits

    When the summer heat gets the best of you, you can opt for either shorts or miniskirts. Since minis are quite uncomfortable to wear, shorts are the most popular option. However, not everybody is a fan of short jeans, and other types of shorts are not very trendy this year, so the next best option is the comfortable romper. The romper is a pretty basic summer piece, so you must find ways to take it out of the ordinary. We advise you to wear it with an oversized belt to cover the elastic waistband. Moreover, avoid the classic festival romper, and opt for something in a darker shade, with a more modern cut. Pair with some high heel sandals and glam accessories to give it a sassier vibe.

    Mixed print outfits

    Mixing prints is a tricky business, but you should definitely give it a try this summer. Stripes will be very popular, but don’t settle for mixing a stripe element with another casual print. Dress yourself in stripes from head to toe to create a statement look, and opt for stripes in bold colors like tomato pink and canary yellow. Vertical candy stripes will also be very popular. Try combining an oversized dress in candy stripes, with a smaller striped accessory like a striped navy purse. Prints also make a nice combination with the oversized logos, so you might also try this combo if you feel bold enough. At the latest fashion week, we also saw some interesting combos featuring checks and floral prints.

    Rainbow outfits

    The latest designer collections looked a lot like Skittles commercials featuring bold colors in the wackiest combinations. Rainbow patterns were also very popular. If you plan on playing with colors, our advice is to go all in, and rock a full rainbow outfit. Throw in some sequins or some glitter accessories and you’ve got yourself the trendiest summer look in sight.