How to Clean Fabric Chairs and Features of a Quality Massage Chair

    The market is filled with an array of massage chairs. This makes it hard to choose a unit that fits into your explicit needs. That’s why you should understand what to look for in a massage chair. This will help you make an informed decision. To help you navigate through this complex topic, this article is going to sample the most important features to look for in a massage chair.

    Kneading Massage

    As one of the most vital features in a massage recliner, the kneading function is used to achieve a gentle and firm squeezing movement. For a kneading massage to be performed, the rollers must be moved sideways across the back. Thus, ensure that you purchase a unit with a motor specifically dedicated to this function. With this strategy, you will be ensuring that there is sufficient torque from its motor—which will optimize the performance.

    Heat Therapy

    When used properly, heat can hugely benefit your body—thanks to its healing abilities. In most cases, a robotic recliner comes with integrated heating elements. While certain types of massage chairs can heat one single point, others can heat multiple locations. Thus, you should get a unit with the right features. For instance, if you want a unit with heating elements featuring unique controls—consider purchasing a high-end model. It will be easy to heat different parts of the body. So, if you want to relax and reduce swelling in your body, think in terms of an innovative massage chair. Also, heat will increase blood flow throughout the body.

    Auto Programs

    Normally, massage chairs are equipped with automatic programs. This makes your work simple. All you need to do is to press the button and you will get massaged immediately. The auto programs in the massage chairs follow preset programs that have been designed by the manufacturers. With these auto programs, you have the power to control different massage techniques, locations, as well as massage systems. Also, they help control massage durations. It’s also important to note that these auto programs are designed to deliver effective massage sessions. So, you can achieve whatever you need. From different massage durations to massage locations—these auto programs will deliver the results most accurately. So, when shopping for your massage chair, ensure that the massage programs are working. Test the unit to ensure that you are getting a quality chair.

    Footrest Extension

    The footrest extension is another important feature of a massage chair. Designed to accommodate taller individuals, a footrest extension is an important feature of a massage chair. On average, a normal footrest should allow your foot to protrude for about 3-4 inches.


    Modern massage chairs have synchronized music features into the units. With this fascinating technology, you only need to touch a button and the music will play. With this technology, you have the power to stretch your muscles, improve blood circulation, and increase mental alertness as you enjoy your favorite music. You can change the music temp using the available control features. Plus, there are different types of music. So, if you are so much into rock music, you have your favorite hit to enjoy. Plus, there is a port where you can install your flash disk for more entertainment. This helps alleviate stress as you go about your massage sessions.

    Headband Airbag Massage

    With a headband airbag massage feature, you can be sure of effective massage sessions. It makes use of the airbags when it comes to squeezing the temporal muscles as well as the suboccipital (which are located at the back of your skull). This results in vigorous squeezes. Normally, the headband comes with two rubber nodules that help work on the suboccipital muscles. The airbags compress the nodules—which helps reduce stress in the body.

    Foot Rollers

    The air massage chair-making industry is becoming more and more competitive. Nowadays, several chairs are equipped with foot rollers. With foot rollers, those who suffer from planter fasciitis have a way to get the most out of massage chairs. Of course, these rollers can feel intense—especially during the initial days. However, when you get used to them, things can get better and sweeter. When combined properly, foot rollers and peddle foot massage can deliver powerful therapeutic effects for those annoying muscle-skeletal issues.

    Dreamwave Technology

    Introduced into the massage industry in 2008, the dream ware technology makes the chair move in different directions. So, if you want your chair to move from one side to another or up to down, this technology got you covered. This technology enables you to adjust movements to the side of your choice. So, if you want great flexibility in a massage chair, then think in terms of getting a unit with this technology.

    Cervical Neck Traction

    Another great feature you should look for in a massage chair is the cervical neck traction. With this feature, you have a brilliant solution to beat those annoying pains in the shoulders.


    Don’t just spend your money on any massage chair. Get one that can give you services for years to come. Remember, a massage chair is a heavy investment. So, you’re your tome when shopping for your unit.


    Go online and read reviews from past clients. Read both positive and negative reviews. Stay away from brands with poor reviews. Also, avoid companies with fake reviews. They might have hired ghostwriters to write reviews for them. Read genuine reviews. Also, try to contact past clients. Ask about the quality of the chairs they purchased.


    Don’t forget to request for a warranty for your unit. With a massage chair warrant, you are sure of a quality unit. Plus, you can return the chair to the supplier in case it becomes defective.

    Care Tips

    Let’s face it, massage chairs are expensive. They cost hundreds of dollars. So, maintenance is important when it comes to durability. So, if you want your chair to serve you for years to come, this great resource has the best care and maintenance tips.

    Cleaning the Upholstery

    Cleaning the upholstery of that massage of yours is important. Remember, the cleaning process of a massage chair is different from that of a normal chair. Leather massage chairs are divided into two parts. They include:

    • Synthetic leather
    • Natural leather

    Synthetic leather—to clean a synthetic chair, you need to have a clean cloth. Then damp the cloth in clean water. The next step involves gently wiping the surface. This process should be done at least twice a week. Also, don’t use the chair until it dries up completely.

    Natural Leather

    Use a dry soft cloth to clean your natural leather massage chair. Don’t use soapy water. Also, don’t use furniture cleaner—it will damage your chair. If the leather contains debris and stains, consider using a damp cloth. Don’t rub the leather—it might damage it.

    Also, consider cleaning off any liquid spill on the material. Plus, use the blotting technique when it comes to soaking up any liquid off the material.

    Get a Surge Protector

    Hook your massage chair to a surge protector. This will prevent it from things like huge storms. Remember, a storm can destroy your unit—considering that it’s electronically wired. So, just like other electronics, your chair needs a surge protector. Surge protectors don’t cost a lot of money. From as low as $10, you can get a surge protector for your massage chair.

    No Direct Sunlight

    Keep your chair from direct sunlight—especially if it’s made from leather. Exposing it to the sun can make the leather to crack and wear and tear—which will reduce its durability. Plus, the sun can lead to mechanical failure.

    Weight Capacity

    Don’t exert unnecessary weight on your massage chair. Excessive weight can damage the moving parts and lead to costly repairs. In particular, excessive weight can cause the moving parts to break,

    Use it Carefully

    Don’t overuse your chair. It’s not like an ordinary chair. Use it occasionally. Don’t use a massage chair to watch moves. Don’t use it to dine. Use it for massage purposes. This will increase its durability and optimize its performance.

    Pay Attention to the Sound It Produces

    Don’t ignore any noise that comes from your chair. If it sounds different, then it might be due to a mechanical defect. If there is a grinding sound, consider contacting a technician in the shortest time possible.

    Oil it properly

    To keep the leather material soft, you should it on a regular before basis. The oil prevents cracks and keeps your chair shinning. It also prolongs its life. So, look for leather oil. It doesn’t cost a lot of money. Plus, you can purchase oil with a scent of your choice. However, make sure to clean the leather first before applying the oil. Also, wait until the chair is dry before applying the oil. Use a sponge or soft cloth to apply the oil. 


    Massage is an important aspect of human health. So, take it seriously. Learn how to clean your fabric chairs and things to look in a massage chair. The above information contains all you should know concerning fabric massage chairs.


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