How to choose a perfect jewelry gift for her

    To choose a perfect jewelry gift for her, you have to consider your lady’s style, personal preferences, your budget, and her current jewelry collection. You also need to learn specific features of various materials so you can pick an item that will leave a truly lasting impression on your beloved.

    How to Choose Jewelry for Her: 4 Essential Tips

    1. Learn your lady’s preferences

    The simplest way to do this is to outright ask what kind of jewelry your lover likes most. However, if you want the gift to be a pleasant surprise, you can’t give the game away like that. In this case, the best route is observations. Pay close attention to the pieces she wears most often as they must be her favorite.

    What style and design are they? How does she coordinate those pieces with her outfits? Do they have personal sentimental value (feel free to ask about this directly)?

    Take notes on your lover’s jewelry and go on an online research spree to find out what styles those pieces are. This Wikipedia page on jewelry types will be helpful. You can also consult a salesperson in a jewelry store so they can help you pick something similar. However, browsing online will give you access to a far greater selection of pieces.

    1. Look for something unique

    Once you find out what your lady’s preferred jewelry styles are, start looking for the most special items of this type. To be most memorable, the piece has to be unique and beautiful, like her. 

    Luckily, today you can find a great variety of original jewelry pieces. If you feel overwhelmed with the selection, go for something timeless, like rose flowers. For example, you can study a collection of original gifts for her to last an Eternity. These particular pieces are made with real flowers and therefore reflect their unique beauty, a fitting present for your perfect woman.

    1. Consider maintenance

    One of the most important things that often goes overlooked when choosing a perfect jewelry gift is the amount of maintenance it requires. If not tended to properly, the piece can get damaged and become dull and unappealing within a few years.

    All jewelry made with precious metals, such as gold, platinum, or silver is durable and resistant to corrosion. However, platinum has the highest level of tarnish resistance and requires the least amount of maintenance. It’s also a non-allergenic metal, so will fit perfectly all girls with extremely sensitive skin.

    Gold and silver will both oxidize and darken with age. They will need regular cleaning and polishing. The same goes for the gems that will need to be cleaned properly to remain shiny.

    Today you can also find a multitude of original pieces that incorporate enamel, wood, stones, and other materials that require special care. You’ll need to research their necessary maintenance as well as durability on a case-to-case basis. Make sure to write down the instructions if the piece needs special care so you can show them to your girl later. You can also take over the jewelry maintenance personally.

    1. When in doubt, go with the birth month gem!

    If you are determined that the perfect jewelry gift for her must have a precious gem but can’t decide which to choose, go with your lady’s birthstone. A complete list of these is available at the American Gem Society website.

    With the materials decided, you will only need to find a piece that combines them perfectly in the style your lover likes. Today you can even have a jewelry handcrafted based on your personal design without the exorbitant cost of the jewelers of old. If this isn’t for you. Add a personal touch by ordering a special engraving that will refer to your shared memory.


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