How to Best Spend One Day in Coimbatore

    The one wonderful thing which is common among all the Indian citizens is that they’re always ready to travel to new places. Many people have made travelling their profession, and they travel all the corners of the world for a living. This is one of the majpor reasons why many destinations are now becoming common among people and which is making them lose their authenticity day by day. But do not get disappointed because we know the places that still hold their authenticity and give you a lifetime experience.

    If you are willing to travel at an affordable airfare, then start packing your bags for “Coimbatore”. The other name for Coimbatore is “Kovai”. Another thing about Coimbatore is that it is the place which is famous for its old heritage culture. Being the second biggest city in Tamil Nadu, it is the perfect destination for the people of busy towns such as Bangalore, who need a break from their hectic lives. So, it’s time to book cheap Bangalore to Coimbatore flights to get that much-needed break.

    A one day trip to Coimbatore is incomplete without visiting its stunning temples. There is nothing better than beginning your day by taking some blessings in the most spectacular ancient temples which have immense beauty. There is one famous temple named Marudhamalai Murugan Temple, located at the height of 500 feet on the Western Ghats and dedicated to the lord “Muruga”. There is another famous temple called ‘Perur Patteeswarar Swamy Temple’, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. If you think that Lord Shiva is the famous god only in North India, think again! Every day hundreds of followers visit the temple and pray to get their wishes fulfilled. A lot of people have a firm belief that if you really wish something from your heart in this temple, you will get it for sure.

    Do you know that Coimbatore is also famous for its beautiful “waterfalls”? There is one famous waterfall named ‘Kovai Kutralam’. The place is covered by beautiful lush green forests, it is truly a beautiful sight. The water is very fresh and cold, and every weekend many local people come here to relax. Just imagine yourself once, sitting on a bedrock beside the waterfall and the cold sparkling splashes are touching your feet.

    There is one more famous waterfall which is ‘Monkey Fall’, located in the Anaimalai uphill range, which is 60 km from Coimbatore. A three-hour trek is needed to reach the destination, which is worth every second of your travelling. One can also club their visit to Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park. The place is spread in hundreds of acres and full of lush green trees. It is the place where you will find more than 2000 species of animals. The place is a perfect example of nature at its best.

    While you enjoy a one-day trip to Coimbatore, you’ll be craving to explore more of the beautiful architecture, artificial lakes, historical sites and many famous food markets.

    The locals in Coimbatore  are very friendly and have the warm, welcoming attitude towards their tourists. You will not feel alone and strange even if it is your very first visit to Coimbatore. So, do not wait any longer and book cheap Bangalore to Coimbatore flights as soon as possible.


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