How Quality Control and Quality Assurance Helps Businesses Tackle New Problems

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    The goal of this QC microlabs was to increase the safety for the final user and ensure that patients are in good health. And here we’ll show you how you can use quality control and quality assurance can be used to complete your project.

    What’s the Difference?

    Many people believe that quality assurance and quality control are interchangeable. However, this is not true. Both are closely linked together, and sometimes it can be hard to determine the difference between the two.

    While quality assurance and quality control are apart of Quality Management, quality assurance is used to ensure that there are no defects. On the other hand, quality control is used to identify the defect and change it to ensure the app’s quality isn’t compromised.

    In the quality control vs quality assurance debate, quality control is product oriented. This means that the team will identify defects within the product and start to make changes before the app is fully deployed.

    Quality assurance is executed by explaining activities before the project begins. Throughout the project, the team will perform these activities while the product is developing. In contrast, quality control is used once the project is complete to ensure that no issues are present.

    The Importance of Quality Control and Quality Assurance

    Every organization that uses quality control, needs a Quality Manual. The quality manual gives an outline of the objectives and focus of the organization. Also, the quality manual makes the quality guidelines for each function and departments. Thus, everyone in the organization has to know his/her responsibilities that are mentioned in the quality manual.

    When it comes to project quality standards, it can vary depending on project complexity. The ISO (International Standards Organization) is one of the main bodies of defining the quality standards for multiple industries. Therefore, organizations try to follow the requirements laid by the ISO. Also, there are other standards that are specific to certain industries.

    Since standards are a symbol of service and product quality, customers are more keen on buying the service or product from a certified service provider or manufacturer. Thus, complying with company standards such as the ISO is a necessity if you plan on attracting customers to your product.

    Quality assurance is a practice that’s done to assure the quality of services and products. Unlike quality control, it’s an ongoing process that enhances the practices within the organization. You’ll need quality assurance to ensure that all of your projects have a streamlined way of getting completed.

    Most projects will have errors once it’s completed. Because of this, it’s better to start using quality control. To successfully conduct quality control, ensure that your team checks through age app stage thoroughly. Doing this ensures that there won’t be any issues ahead and creates a product that will attract your customers.


    Remember, quality control vs quality assurance is important when making your first product. Start with quality assurance so that your process will be executed by your team. And once the project is on its last stages, do some quality control so that no issues are present. Thus, its best to use both concepts so that your IT team can continue to deploy high-quality apps!


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