Amazon Lost over $250 Billion Value After Becoming a Trillion Dollar Business

    After reaching the steady heights of 1.02 trillion on September 4, 2018, Amazon’s market shares have taken a small hit. Previously, it was valued at $2,039.51. The company’s price has reached to $1538.88; Amazon had lost around $250 billion in value.

    Even though the company has lost its value, corporations and users still use it daily. Amazon business account verification is an important aspect for corporations, as it allows them to use the site to sell their products and receive better payment options.

    And here, we’ll explain how Amazon Business can be beneficial to your business. By using it, you’ll find it easier to manage your employee’s finances and grow as a company.

    What is Amazon Business?

    Amazon Business gives users a purchasing solution if their business is registered in their platform. Each business can give authorized user access and buy business supplies on their employer’s behalf.

    The primary administrator can add or remove users as needed, and manage shipping addresses, reporting options, reporting options, payment methods, etc. which are all based on your business goals.

    Why Use Amazon Business?

    Like Amazon Prime’s free shipping perk, Amazon business accounts receive Business Prime Shipping. This includes, free, unlimited two-day shipping on eligible items. Customers can create a Business Prime Shipping annual membership based on the number of users that are on that business account.

    It’s $500 for 10 users, $1300 for 100 users, and over $10,099 for over 100 users. You can link your Amazon Prime account with your business account for free. The Prime membership gives you access to exclusive Prime Day deals in the company’s annual sale extravaganza.

    Amazon Business also gives users a few payment options. You can have a credit card added to your account so that its accepted by a myriad of users. Plus, it gives users a multitude of payment options. You can add a credit card to your account to be used by multiple users.

    Also, Amazon lets business owners create a corporate credit line. If you decide to take this route, you can download history reports for orders, pay by purchase order and authorize buyers in a single account.

    Benefits For Small Businesses

    Many businesses are eligible for tax exemption using Amazon Tax Exemption Program. Amazon has a system that helps users determine if they are qualified for the program. And it determines what exemptions are applied to your organization.

    The amazon business account verification program allows customers to use their tax exempt status to purchase products from Amazon and their affiliates. Also, you don’t need to have an Amazon Business account to utilize this benefit fully.


    Overall, amazon business account verification is a great way for corporations to manage their payment options. Once your account is verified, you’ll find it easier to manage credit, payment, and allow your employees to utilize your company assets.

    How do you use Amazon Business for your organization?

    Tell us in the comments below.


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