How Much Does It Cost To Seal an Asphalt Driveway?

    Sealing your driveway may mean longer lifespans, and you’re reinforcing its durability. You can also increase your curb appeal, but how much will this cost you? Some homeowners are hesitant to call a professional because they think this will cost them a lot but are surprised about the affordability of the sealing costs.

    The average is about $300 while the price can range from $150 to 450. The least amount that you can pay, especially if you have a small area to cover, is around $100, while you can expect to pay an amount of $1500 for larger areas you want to cover.

    About the Costs Estimator According to Size

    A home improvement expense may depend on the overall size of the project. It’s best to get in touch with the experts to know more about the asphalt driveway cost of seal coating. It’s worth noting that even if you have a larger driveway, you may be pleasantly surprised about the affordability of this kind of process.

    To determine the prices, you can try to use an average per square foot provided by the experts in your area. You can call at least three companies and know more about the services and fees that they charge. Multiply their quoted amounts per square footage of the driveway so you’ll get a rough estimate of the costs.

    Many of the contractors may add a project fee to the overall costs. These may include insurance, vehicle costs, materials, and equipment that will be used for the job, and this can range from $100 to $300.

    Factors that will Influence the Overall Costs

    Cleaning of the Driveway

    The process of sealing involves cleaning and prepping your driveway. Most of the time, professional contractors may use shovels or string trimmers to remove grasses in the cracks or around the edges of your garage.

    Afterward, there will be pressure washing involved where they would use detergent. They will remove the dust, debris, and other objects before sealing the surface. Some companies will include the process of pressure washing into the overall costs. However, some don’t have this kind of service, so you may want to prepare around $0.20 to $0.40 per sq. ft. when another contractor does the pressure washing.

    Do Repairs

    After the area has dried from the pressure washer’s water, the experts will fill the holes or cracks on the driveway before they apply a sealer. Most of the hairline cracks can be fixed with fillers. However, a large pothole can be trickier. They will require a mixture of asphalt or concrete to do the repairs.

    If the repairs are not as minor as a patching job, the contractor may suggest doing some resurfacing. This will cost about $3 per square foot when you choose asphalt materials, while it might be around $5 per sq. ft. for concrete.

    Other Considerations

    If there are slopes of more than 20 degrees, know that your driveway may not be an excellent option to do the resealing. You can consult your contractor regarding this, especially if the surface is very porous. You may need a second coat of sealant for this to work. 

    Types to Know About

    Photo by Curtis Adams.

    Coal Tar

    Sealers like coal tars are the most affordable option and the common types. The tar is made up of coal, and it holds well when you compare it to other materials. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays from the sun. Learn more about coal tar on this site here

    Overall, coal tar is considered better than asphalt, but they usually produce many VOCs. They are also banned because they can be risky to the owner’s health and due to various environmental issues. They may cause pollution when the runoff enters nearby streams and rivers. The cost is around $0.9 to $0.10 per sq. ft. 


    Photo by Max Andrey.

    Asphalt is applied in its liquid form, and it may be the same material as your driveway. However, this is applied without the need to add sand or aggregate. This will result in a black coating that adds curb appeal to your property.

    This material is effective as a barrier from moisture. However, it can fade because of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Compared to coal tar, it can quickly break down, so you may need to re-apply them, especially if you live in a tropical region. Know that asphalt does not necessarily fill the holes, but it only goes to the shallow cracks. The cost of applying asphalt to your driveway is around $0.10 to $0.20 per sq. ft. 

    Oil-Based Sealer

    Oil-based sealants are not as common as the others. This is because only the professionals can work with them and get excellent results. Know that they are not as long-lasting as the asphalt, but they can be helpful when there’s a ban on coal tar. The contractors may prefer the oil-based materials because they are doing a better job filling some cracks and gaps. They can cost between $0.14 to $0.19 for each square foot that they are covering.

    Acrylic Sealer

    If you want the durability of the coal tar but not the risks of VOCs, an acrylic sealer is a good option for you. They are more difficult to spread and expensive, but they can effectively fill cracks and crevices. Some experts work on them, especially if they need to fill a moderately-sized hole. The cost is about $0.26 to $0.40 sq. ft., depending on the contractors.

    Fill and Seal

    Photo by Clayton Bunn.

    You may have a driveway that’s not in excellent condition in the first place. There are many potholes that you need to fill and a rough shape that needs smoothing out. If this is the case, you may want to take advantage of the thicker varieties of sealants to offer more aggregates in them. These aggregates can effectively fill holes and cracks, and they are more durable. They can consist of any other substance mixed into them where the cost is around $0.30 to $0.50 for each sq. ft.

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