How Men’s Jackets are Ideal for Every Fashion Season

    Whether going on a casual day trip with light materials, or a date night armed with a sophisticated custom-made suit, jackets have been a staple inside men’s closets for decades – centuries even. It’s also included on Esquire’s list of the ‘20 Things Every Man Should Have in His Wardrobe’. Though these versatile articles of clothing vary from the laidback and sporty to the suave and formal, there’s no denying that every jacket acts as trusted body armor for different occasions and seasons.

    Other than giving comforting warmth during the winter, jackets add a certain kind of spunk to a man’s wardrobe come spring and summer. Duffle coats, varsity, and bomber jackets, you name it, these garments upgrade a gentleman’s overall appearance. Ironically, the aforementioned styles are often included in many of the trending blog posts and ranges from some of the leading fashion websites. Men’s digital jacket retailer Lyst has curated a collection which incorporates all of these styles. And since we’re on the subject of appropriate outfits, let’s focus on today’s trends and how these classics incorporate well regardless of the season. With that, here are some style ideas featuring jackets that will add a little flair to the basic spring/summer look.

    Don’t be afraid to go for grey…

    Common knowledge suggests that spring/summer season calls for bright, extravagant colors. But today’s designers and experts have begun including a rather tamed, easily adaptable hue for guys with subtler palettes. These days, grey has been one of the most commonly seen hues on the fashion catwalk, thus, more and more gentlemen have been brave enough to put on jackets in this shade. A rule of thumb when wearing grey men’s jackets is to alter tones and patterns in order to create a well balanced and appropriately textured ensemble.

    … though green will always be the way


    Green – with all its tones and patterns – have always been one of the go-to colors in men’s fashion. Not only does it symbolize freshness and harmony, according toColor Wheel Pro, this eye-catching hue gives a money-in-the-bank feeling in terms of style. In contrast to a sleek and matching grey ensemble, spring/summer 2016 highlights a combination of green split in different shades. The key to wearing this color is to clash outfit hues with accessories such as ties and bags of varying tints. Fashion forward men can even go to the extreme and don a couple of complementary pieces, as long as it’s – of course – within the borders of common and personal sense.

    The resurgence of bomber jackets


    The ‘50s have made a sudden resurgence in the fashion industry with the plethora of stylish men’s bomber jackets. From the high-profile catwalks of Alexander Wang, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Louis Vuitton, to the concrete jungle of New York, this jacket design underlines a cool yet comfortable look. It gives men a viable option during casual days. Some even add Eastern elements to the equation with dragon, animal, and floral patterns as a way of reinventing the look. However, for the more subdued gentlemen out there, a safer bet would be to choose bomber jackets in dark colors and contemporary materials.

    An autumn/winter staple carrying through the spring/summer

    Majority of 2015’s autumn/winter collection saw a slight revival of the ‘70s suede jacket era. Nowadays, with or without the effects of global warming, this style carries on even during the spring/summer season. For one, a timeless suede jacket can complement something as simple as a polo shirt or a basic tee. On the other hand, men should also put a premium on a sporty zip-up jogging suit-style jacket. This design has a unique versatility and can be worn either under a suit, or as a light layer top, or tied at the waist.


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