How I Got Rid Of My Dry Skin In UNDER A WEEK!

    I have written tons and tons of articles on upscale products in my years as a magazine editor. In fact, most of them have been about trendy products that I love because they’re like “all the rage right now.” To be honest, I am not too big on lotions because I am too lazy to apply them to my body and wait for them to dry. I don’t enjoy being sticky or greasy either. Just wait until you hear what happened to me. I had no choice but to give in.

    About a week ago, my elbows would have gotten me thrown in jail. You’re probably very confused by what that means. Basically, my elbows were so dry, (and sharp), that they could have been used as deadly weapons. I kid you not, this is a true story.

    I had my sleeves rolled up and was getting into an elevator with my friend from work to go grab some lunch. We somehow swiped skin and he let out a loud yelp in front of everyone, “OUCH!” I started to laugh… that is until he said, “your elbows are so sharp.” I was mortified, “ME? My elbows are sharp? WHAT?” How could that be? I have one thousand and one beauty products in my apartment… though I probably only use about 2% of them. My coworker and I laughed it off but the entire time at lunch all I could think about was my elbows. They kind of hurt, now that I was thinking about it.

    As he went back to the office, I made a pit stop at CVS. I started testing out every lotion they had, on my fingertips. Greasy, oily, sticky… YUCK. This was exactly why I hated lotion. I went up to the man at the counter and asked for some help. “My skin is dry… please help me,” I sounded like an innocent child who was lost in a department store. He smirked and brought me over to a shelf where I was introduced to my new favorite body moisturizer: CVSHealth, Aftersun Aloe Vera Lotion. It was a big bottle, cost $3.49, not sticky, didn’t smell bad and I was desperate. I made the purchase.

    Fast forward to a week later. I had used the lotion on my elbows and legs for 5 days straight. IT WAS MY SAVING GRACE. My skin was soft, smooth, felt good and even looked better.  I couldn’t believe it. Me, the lotion-hater of all lotion-haters, was running around suggesting a cheap bottle of lotion to solve all skin problems.

    Moral of this story: you don’t need to break the bank to break free of dry skin.

    If you are trying to find a less expensive body lotion that can be used everyday and won’t ruin your clothes, this is the one for you!


    Name: Aftersun Aloe Vera Lotion

    Brand: CVS Health

    Price: $3.49

    Size: 6.0 FL OZ

    Nicki’s Review:  HIGHLY recommend

    Where To Buy: CVS


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