How Dre Medici, Arthur Caravellas, and Omar Choudhury Scaled Their Marketing Agency to 7 Figures in Under 1 year, With Amazing Results!

    Meet Dre Medici, Arthur Caravellas, and Omar Connects the leaders of Grow with Us Agency, who scaled their Instagram Marketing Agency past 7 figures by 20 years old. Dre the CEO of the company and Arthur the CFO, have made magic happen since day 1 to make this the most elite & fastest growing Instagram Agency, with the best results!

    Fun fact, Dre & Arthur have never personally met Omar in person, even though they’ve been in contact 24/7 since adding on Omar as an elite leader of the Agency. Omar, is from the U.K and joined Dre & Arthur as a client looking to build his personal brand 6 months ago! Since that day, Omar fell in love with the service, the agency, and the two talented minds who were already behind it. Over time, he began bringing clients to the agency who he knew NEEDED the same service. Before they knew it, Omar became an elite member of the team: Head of Sales, Head of Operations, and Head of taking care of whatever needed to be done for the Agency to maximize at the highest level. In this article, they’ll be explaining how they did it. 

    Perfecting Your Customer Results 

    Dre Medici is no stranger when it comes to building and scaling businesses; it was this previously gathered experience from building his prior Instagram businesses that allowed Grow with Us Agency to thrive. From his previous businesses, the biggest takeaway he learned was perfecting customer results, he believes for a business to scale each customer has to be truly satisfied with their investment. Although, as you scale & grow this becomes more challenging, you always need to remind yourself that this is step #1. From that point Dre acknowledges a majority of his success that we’ve seen with Grow with Us Agency is derived from the continuous improvement to their services/products, this ensures life-changing results and ultimately more and more satisfied customers for their agency. 

    How Has Grow With Us Agency Scaled So Fast? 

    From seeing the insane success put out by a few 20-year-old entrepreneurs, it’s only fair to ask how his agency has been able to scale so fast. According to Dre a big part of his agency scaling fast is from managing to incorporate systems in the business. They have built out funnels, automated onboarding emails, automated databases, Celebrity Campaigns, grown a killer sales team, and have hired an amazing back end team. Having all these key criterias in place has allowed Dre & the team to be able to consistently bring new people on board without any problems. This is key for any business looking to grow and be one of the best. 

    Building An Elite Team

    Dre alongside Arthur & Omar, wanted to give a big shoutout to their amazing team who work incredibly hard every single day, in order to maximize their personal Income, transform lives & business owners, and grow the company Grow With Us Agency as a whole. 

    Building a team who finds true passion and purpose in what they do, is the key to a successful business. You can’t do it without a team, so make sure you create a bond, good chemistry, and build a team you love. Dre, emphasizes that every one a part of the Grow With Us Agency, has played a huge role in taking the company to the next level. This is because Dre, Arthur, and Omar consistently focus on helping each individual personally, providing the most value in the industry, and making sure each person is achieving unbelievable personal results. 

    Why Join the Grow With Us Agency Team? There is nothing better in the world, than teaming up with individuals who you can relate to, and have already achieved the results you’re looking to achieve. Learn from the best, and become the best, it’s simple. 

    Beginner Advice for Entrepreneurs Looking To Become Successful 

    If you are truly adamant about reaching any level of success, the path requires a lot of hard work and grit, a path Dre, Arthur, Omar, and the rest of the team know all too well. Dre’s advice begins with doing the dirty work to build up capital, enough capital that can help you build a business, hire a team, and lock in a mentor to learn from. Once you have that it’s important to lock in and focus on that thing alone, this is why so many entrepreneurs fail. Often referred to as Shiny object syndrome where you’re intrigued by every new business model you see. So choose one that can make you more profit than the other businesses you’ve looked into and don’t look to the right or left, only straight and focusing on becoming the best in your industry.

    Meanwhile, so many people want to try every other opportunity that they find. Without being conscious that life has answers, and if you’re a beginner this is the fastest way to fail. Real businessmen know that is a waste of time & sets you up for failure. You physically don’t have enough time in your day to be a part of so many businesses at once when starting. It’s a misconception a lot of people have. Build multiple streams, master new skills, yes, but you should only even think about building them, once you’ve put together a full team and systems behind your main business for 1-2 years+ minimum. But when starting you typically won’t have the experience, knowledge, or capital to go that direction – so DON’T DO IT. 

    Why does Dre advise not to do it? Think about your most profitable business opportunity now and do the math of how much you can make in 6-7 hours fully focused and devoted. That number is typically more profitable than if you spent 2 hours on your business, 1 hour on your other one, 2 hours on the third. Every time you see an opportunity, have a new idea, or a new way of making money, stop yourself for a second and remember that this is one of the rules to success. If you jump into every idea, opportunity, or business model you’ll never make time for going all in and becoming the best in one.

    Dre has slowly begun to touch different markets, simply to master the skill set. But, that is only because he’s put himself in a position where he can. For his first two-plus years, he put every other business to the side and focused on becoming the best in the Instagram Industry. Focusing on one thing only is what puts him ahead of everyone else. Still to this day, if Dre touches any other business he makes sure it doesn’t take any valuable time of his main business, and he is always careful and fully aware of this. He can also confidently say that his one income brought him more than 99% of the people who try to manage 2-3 as a beginner. So definitely focus is his biggest advice. Dre personally struggled with this and has seen thousands of entrepreneurs repeat the same mistake. Most people don’t learn that in school, so they aren’t aware of that. This is why Dre hopes he made that very clear and understanding because if you understand it and implement it, your life will change forever.


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