5 Things to Know Before Adopting a Pet

    Adding a pet to your home means adding a dose of love and a lot of amazing memories. The right pet enhances any home and brings a family together. However, while it’s true that pets can be a lot of fun, there are also some serious factors to consider when deciding to bring one into your home. Here are the 5 things you need to know before adopting a pet.

    Don’t Rush the Process

    It’s exciting to adopt a pet, but that doesn’t mean you should rush things. When you visit with a pet, make sure that it has a demeanor that will fit with your lifestyle. You don’t want a pet that’s really energetic when you tend to be sedentary, or if you have mobility issues. That said, if you have kids who love to run and play, then an energetic dog might be just the ticket. Make sure that everyone in your home gets to meet the pet before you decide to adopt. There may be a personality clash or some other issue that makes it unwise to adopt that specific pet, and you don’t want to learn about it too late.

    Consider the Costs

    The cost of owning a pet doesn’t end when you sign the adoption papers and hand over the fee. Having a pet means having expenses throughout its life. You will pay for food, vet visits, bowls, leashes, toys, and other things that will give your pet a happy and healthy life. One expense that many don’t think about is insurance. By getting pet insurance through a service like Bivvy, you can ensure that you aren’t stuck with unexpected medical bills if your pet gets sick or hurt. Make sure to budget out what you expect the monthly cost of your pet will be to make sure that you can afford it.

    It’s Not All Fun and Games

    Pets are a lot of fun. You can play with them, snuggle with them, chase them around, or just watch them doing wacky things. However, having a pet is also a lot of work that you need to be prepared to do. This includes feeding them at the right times, taking dogs for walks, picking up waste, and training them. You also need to understand that by owning a pet, you will be having to clean up messes in your home, and you may even end up with destroyed furniture and personal property. Pets do things they are not supposed to, and you need to accept it and not take out your frustrations on your pets in an abusive way.

    You Need the Right Living Situation

    This applies particularly to adopting dogs. They need space to get exercise and roam around. They also need room to have their toys laying around and for their eating and drinking area. You can get away with having a pet in a small apartment, but you might need to take your dog for longer walks, or more frequently. There must also be an easy way for your dog to relieve itself outside. You may also need to have room to be able to separate your dog from certain areas of the home. Dogs can get up to mischief in places you don’t want them to be, but if your place is small then you might not have a choice but to let them near things they can destroy.

    Make Sure You Have Time For Them

    We all love our pets. However, too many people don’t show that love enough. Your pet will almost no doubt look to you with utter love and devotion. You must nurture your bond with playing, affection, and face time. You also must be able to give them time for activity, such as walks. This will keep them healthy, but it also alleviates boredom. A bored dog will be restless and anxious and could cause damage in your home by chewing, or they may even disturb your neighbors by barking.

    Bringing a pet into your home will bring you joy and love to last a lifetime. However, make sure that you fully understand what it means to adopt a pet. Keep these things in mind so that you go into the adoption process with a complete understanding of what having a pet involves.


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