How Czech Students Use AI for Assignment Writing

    We live in a world of 3D-printed gadgets, self-driving cars, and AI-empowered surgical operations. It’s only fitting that we use technology in our educational systems too. Many schools have incorporated technology in the way they offer educational services to students and give feedback to them. But how about students? Can they use state-of-the-art technology to aid them with their homework, such as writing essays?  

    You might wonder how a computer can write an essay without the help of a human. It’s pretty straightforward, and Czech students are already using it to get high scores on their assignments. And here’s how it works. 

    How Does AI Help Generate Texts?

    Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science that aims to teach algorithms how to perform human acts, including writing. 

    Different AI-based programs can perform different tasks, from proofreading and editing to finding sources, summarizing other texts, and writing entire essays. 

    Some of these tools can generate complete articles with just a topic as their input. But others need more details like the first sentence of each paragraph. When you provide the information, the AI algorithm searches the web for reliable sources and creates a coherent, readable text, just like an essay help service would do. 


    AI-Powered Writing Tools

    You might have asked a writing service to do your assignment for you before. While a professional essay writing service uses the skills of a human writer, now students have the option of getting a computer to do the whole job for them. 

    The AI tools work like this: they come up with ideas, find related data, and produce essays for students. The content they create is accurate, coherent, and unique. 

    There is a wide variety of software and web-based text generators that create different kinds of texts, including blog posts, news articles, academic essays, and even recipes. 

    Here are some of the most common AI-based writing tools that can be used to generate different types of content, including essays: 


    This proofreading tool helps students identify their mistakes in terms of grammar, vocabulary, word choice, and spelling. By analyzing the text and offering suggestions, it helps students improve their writing. It also compares the user’s text with other texts in its database and suggests better words.  


    This application is designed to improve writing style by finding repeated words, unclear sentences, and issues with adverbs. It also identifies uses of passive voice and hard-to-read sentences, among other things. This editing app can be added to Google Docs, MS office, and it also works as a chrome extension. It also has a desktop app and plugins for Outlook. Users can customize their options and choose the writing style that fits their assignment.



    Grammarly is another AI-based editing tool that works just like ProWritingAid. It helps users deliver mistake-free texts by identifying issues in the draft and making suggestions to correct them. It can also help students find out if any part of their essay is plagiarized—which is a big issue in essay writing. Word choice, tone, grammar, and clarity are among the other features that Grammarly checks. 

    AI-Powered Writing Tools 

    While the previous tools help with editing written documents, other software apps do the actual task of writing like a cheap essay service. Here are some of the most interesting ones: 

    AI Writer

    AI Writer is a tool for writing whole essays. All you need to do is give the software a topic sentence. It then starts scouring the web and collecting everything that’s relevant to that topic. Then it creates the article and includes references like a well-written academic essay. 


    This application analyzes the topic to determine the context in which the essay is written. Then, it identifies keywords related to the topic and finds sources based on the keywords. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to rewrite the texts it has found. All you need to do is specify the topic and the word count. Since it uses NLP, it’s close to the human language in terms of readability. 


    This one is a perfect tool for online search and improvement of  the writer’s speed and productivity. It searches the specified topics and then analyzes and summarizes the information it has gathered. Using this tool, you don’t need to navigate between tabs, find the relevant information, and copy and paste words or phrases. 


    This service is another fantastic AI-powered tool that writes new articles using material from various sources and changes the wording to avoid plagiarism. The title and the paragraphs it creates are high quality and professional, so the final draft will be an expert-like academic essay. 

    Linguix Education

    Czech students who are learning to write in English find this tool very useful. Linguix Education is an excellent source for those who need to improve their vocabulary, grammar, as well as their overall writing style. It has a database that contains many essay templates with different topics and purposes. This way, students can see how various texts are written based on their contexts. 

    Bottom Line

    The AI-powered essay writing and editing applications we’ve reviewed help students write better essays with the help of intelligent algorithms. Students can choose these tools based on their budget, how well-written they want the essay to be, and how much of the job they are willing to do themselves. Feel free to use these apps to improve your writing skills and have some time for other tasks. 

    Guest Post by Amanda Dudley:

    Amanda Dudley is a content manager at EssayUSA. She has a vast wealth of experience in providing engaging academic-related content for college students. Along with her esteemed team, Amanda is focused on improving the college experience for students struggling with their academics. She regularly provides useful tips and life hacks that every college student will find useful.