How Can You Display Your Graphics Designing Art on Instagram?

    As you may already know, Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms that has been a rather valuable stage for sharing visual content. Among its numerous characteristics, it furnishes the content creators with an opportunity to engage with their potential collaborators and be influential.

    Having said all of the above, you must have understood that it is a social networking app to upload photos and videos accessible on both iOS and Android gadgets. Users, including your sheer followers or friends and family, can like your posts and comments on whatever they encounter, a bit remarkable. You can constantly make use of the filters along with adding your location. 

    Instagram Direct

    To make this application more enjoyable, Instagram introduced ‘direct messages.’ This feature has indeed come out to be a great source of communication. Texting the one who does not follow you back shall leave your messages in the request box and marked as pending. You can type letters and share pictures, videos, links, pages, sites, locations, and so on.

    You will be delighted to know that a group could get created in which multiple users share a single chat room. All of this comes with a single tap on the icon in the top right corner. You can experience a video chat with up to 4 users, which is encrypted.

    Instagram Stories

    Instagram “Stories” is another excellent characteristic that permits you to put pictures, screenshots, or anything you would like to share. You must keep in mind that users can view it for 24 hours, after which it vanishes. Nobody or even you who are insecure about posting their memories on their feed can use this feature. Graphics designers can display artistic images here. 


    Giving a tough competition to other sites, IGTV grants you the space to post videos. Verified accounts, the ones having blue ticks, can shoot it longer than the rest. It is way extremely convenient, from videotaping to watching it as per your ease.

    Instagram Questions

    Some of your followers may hesitate to text you privately, or their DMs might get unnoticed, which may lead to profound queries. To solve this issue, Instagram introduced questions in 2018. You can repost the question on your story with the response, which shall appear in the timeline.

    What Is the Importance of Instagram for Graphic Designers?

    Instagram is a vast platform that encourages you to demonstrate your graphic artwork in multiple ways. Not just that, it is equally profitable in terms of interaction with potential followers, sharing thoughts and ideas, and may also guide you for a career option! You may buy organic Instagram likes to grow faster.  

    Some of the Privileges That You Can Enjoy When Using Instagram as a Designer

    Excelling and sticking out from the crowd is the ultimate objective, no matter the business. With more fair chances arriving in, a graphic designer’s job is getting more challenging as the hopes rise. Instagram is used by nearly 500 million people daily, and it can act as a perfect rescue to this problem. It is always advisable to be who you are and do exactly what you always wanted to put out to the world.

    Not every day could retrieve you good business, but consistency is the key. Posting stories involving advertisement, travel, food, aesthetic photos, sharing IGTV, and posts of your favorite creator or just the novel you were reading may prove beneficial for overall interactivity.

    Instagram Carousels

    A relatively intelligent and relevant option allows you to post a maximum of 10 photos or videos (slides) on your feed which is quite illuminating.

    An ideal time to post content on Instagram:

    • Monday to Friday- 12-2 pm, which is primarily a recess period during the week.
    • 9-11 pm when most of the audience retire to their homes and do the most browsing.
    • You get more engagement on weekends because people do not go to work, mostly and enjoy some hangout or watching online content. However, Sundays may not be good days to post as you would like to take a break from the digital world and internet!

    A regular check on the profile insights tells you a lot about the total happenings. You get to see how much your posts are being liked, shared, or saved, suitable for a confidence booster.

    Everything where you expect results needs utmost dedication and 100% effort. Graphic designing, as fashionable as the profession sounds, comes with its share of difficulties. Instagram is that huge platform wherein if you put in the required endeavor and some maneuvers here and there like discussed, success is assured if not at the earliest.

    You have to remain constant and unique in terms of your content to attract eyeballs. The more individual posts you upload, the more followers you will get. You can use this platform to grow your business both online and offline.


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