How Can Economists Help Employers?

    What Services Should Your Business Outsource?

    Economists study historical trends and use them to make forecasts. This means they analyze issues such as consumer demand and sales to help a company maximize its profits. They prepare reports on research results and present economic and statistical concepts in a clear and meaningful way. The research may focus on topics such as energy costs, inflation, interest rates, rents, imports, or employment.

    • Economists help predict future market trends
      • This can be helpful to a company because an economist can help employers learn if they will need to hire more employees or possibly lay people off in the future. If the market in their field is going to tank soon, economists would advise companies to decrease their overhead. However, if the companies are predicted to grow in the future, then the employers will know they need to hire new workers
    • Preparing reports and create plans 
      • Economists can help companies wade through the economic waters. They will help a company save money or grow their business depending on their reports and plans.
    • Help with different world markets
      • If a company is exchanging money for money and they happen to have different currencies, a financial economist can help with this transaction. They also help businesses focus on corporate finance, asset pricing, and stock and foreign exchange markets.
    • Help with changing market conditions
      • Market research economists can serve a critical purpose in today’s workforce. They obtain and analyze data on consumers and competitors by constantly studying changing market conditions. This means they examine the potential sale of services or products. The economists make all this data easier to understand for a company and allow them to know how they can sell a product or service better. Companies can find market research economists at an economic consulting firm.
    • Help with online advertisement
      • Economists help companies design advertising inventory on search engines. They help companies solve the challenges related to the choice of outcome of advertising such as pay-per-click versus alternatives.
    • Designing review and reputation systems
      • Customer reviews, especially online, are important to companies these days. Economists help companies design these systems by focusing on understanding the systematic biases that occur in a review system and how the design choice may mitigate these biases.


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