How a Strong Work Ethic Propelled Marc Kleinman To The Top of The Poker Industry

    A strong work ethic is a vital part of your success journey. It is usually a set of values based on discipline and hard work. Having good habits of remaining motivated, staying focused, and overcoming obstacles can help you create a good work ethic. 

    Did you know that a good work ethic can take you far in your career? Yes, a good work ethic can help you improve your performance resulting in growth opportunities and promotions. Meet Marc Kleinman, the poker champion who has leveraged his strong work ethics to move to the top of his industry. 

    Why Work Ethic Is A Differentiating Factor For Marc

    Marc is so different in his industry. It is his work ethic that has distinguished and separated him from other professional players. His solid work ethic allows him to take his poker games seriously, as well as all the time he puts in. His strong work ethic made him stand out in the industry and make a name for himself since 2017 when he started making viral poker content. 

    Marc’s work ethic has made him derive greater satisfaction from his work because he is fully engaged in what he does every day. This quality has kept him moving for a whopping 17 years in his career. 

    Develop A Strong Work Ethic

    A strong work ethic goes hand in hand with more responsibility and less supervision. Therefore if you want to build a strong work ethic, you need to:

    • Align your work with your goals.
    • Consider recognition, accountability, and involvement. 
    • Be honest and open.
    • Set clear intentions and expectations.
    • See challenges as stepping stones to the next level. 

    Work Ethic & Recognition

    When people noticed Marc’s skills and work ethic, they began to ‘‘follow’’ him. He gained more followers and watchers, and it allowed him to gain more recognition. This recognition made his content go viral. Therefore through a good work ethic, Marc Kleinman has become the number one authority in the poker industry. 

    Marc’s recognition comes with a price. His strong work ethic has taught him always to set goals. He found out that setting goals tend to help others and himself stay motivated to continue moving towards their goal. He has learned to remain focused on the prize, and this virtue has allowed him not to get side-tracked, giving him a sense of motivation. 

    Lessons To Learn From Marc Kleinman

    Startups can draw many lessons from Marc’s value of a solid work ethic that has scaled him to success. One of the lessons is that you need to develop professionalism. Professionalism includes values and attitudes. It would help if you practiced being cordial and positive. Learn to develop a reputation for integrity. Also, cultivate self-discipline within you. Stay focused on the long-term goal and not being side-tracked by short-term gratification. 

    Remember always to use your time wisely because every minute counts. Marc has played 3 million hands on the internet and won every month for 12 years straight. He has played a total of 15k hours in casinos and puts long hours of about 70-80 hours per week in poker. Also, ensure you stay balanced. Get proper sleep, eat right, take time to relax, and always recharge. These aspects have made Marc scale and be a coveted icon in the poker industry.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

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