Hollywood Hook Ups: Serial Dating Stars Revealed

    A new tool unravels the celebrity dating universe, from who’s dated who, to who’s dated the most…

    Another day, another dose of celebrity gossip – but still we can’t get enough of the celebrity dating universe. From serial Casanovas, to cheats and heartbreakers, the drama played out on Hollywood’s screens is often dwarfed by the dramas acted out in the private lives of its stars.

    To unravel the celebrity dating universe and give you a serious celebrity fix, Pokies has created the ultimate tool designed to reveal who’s dated who, and who’s dated the most. The smart spider diagram tool connects the stars of today’s stage and screen to every old flame and new romance, uncovering the gossip and the back stories behind the world’s most talked-about celebrity romances.

    Pokies’ extensive research took an in depth look at the 50 most famous names, selected according to the most substantial followings on Twitter and Instagram, delving into their romantic histories. From rumoured hook ups and love-lorn relationships, to whirlwind marriages and sordid affairs, each celebrity’s little black book was investigated and carefully calibrated to reveal the most infamous celebrity daters.

    So which celebrity has dated the most fellow famous people? Who’s shared a famous ex-flame? This brand new infographic will reveal all, including today’s top ten most prolific famous daters. The results may surprise you…

    The Top 10 Serial Celebrity Daters

    1. Katy Perry
    2. Justin Bieber
    3. Taylor Swift
    4. Rihanna
    5. Justin Timberlake
    6. Britney Spears
    7. Kim Kardashian
    8. Christiano Ronaldo
    9. Drake
    10. Leonardo DiCaprio

    While Leonardo DiCaprio has one of the busiest little black books in the business, his penchant for picking up lesser known beauties (usually from the world’s most fashionable catwalks), means his “celebrity” tally is lower than you might expect. Meanwhile, Katy Perry has been connected to a raft of other stars including ex-husband Russell Brand, John Mayer, Orlando Bloom, Jared Leto, Diplo and Robert Pattinson.

    Taylor Swift, too, appears to have something of a penchant for famous names. In fact, T-Swifty’s dating history also features figures like John Mayer, alongside Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, Cory Monteith, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Matthew Gray Gubler – sharing at least one of her ex-flames with another well-known celebrity serial dater – Miley Cyrus.

    To begin untangling the crazy web of the celebrity dating universe for yourself, try out Pokies’   interactive celebrity dating infographic here.


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