He’s Just Not All About You: 5 Signs It’s Only A Fling

    When it comes to the wonderful world of dating, there’s no denying that things can get down-right tricky. Are we just f**k buddies or are we headed to the altar? Seriously, with tons of mixed signals flying these days, who’s to really say?


    Thankfully, there are a few red flags that should without-a-doubt set an alarm off to let you know that instead of actually being Mr. Right, he’s more along the lines of Mr. Right Now.

    No worries, we found out the hard way, so now you don’t have to…

    1. You’ve never actually seen him in daylight.


    This may sound dramatic, but take it from a girl who’s literally been there. Sometimes people look really different in the dark, okay?! So, if you’re only seeing him at nighttime, it’s most likely for a reason and chances are you wouldn’t even recognize him during the day. True story: I was out day-drinking once, saw someone who looked kinda-sorta like a kid I had been talking to, and automatically assumed it was his brother. Turns out, it was the actual person I had been talking to for months and I had no idea. Reasoning? Our relationship only made it as far as the car, in the middle of the night, which I was cool with… until I realized I couldn’t even recognize him for the life of me outside of that setting. On the upside, I do have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he turned out to be taller than I originally thought. Hey, you win some, you lose some, right?

    2. He’s a lot of talk but there’s no action.

    If he’s always talking about what he’s going to do, but never actually does it — ding, ding, ding! — you have a f*ckboy on your hands! One thing I’ve learned is that guys will be very quick to talk about how they want to take you out to dinner, but aren’t as quick to actually do it. Any man that really wants you will put his money where his mouth is, and if not, there’s a good chance that your “thing” is just a fling.

    3. Other girls are everywhere… and he doesn’t even try to hide them.


    Although the last thing you want is a guy who will go behind your back, you know someone really gives no f*cks when they do it in front of your face. If your man is openly talking, texting, or showing any other girl any form of too much attention right in front of you, trust me, he isn’t really your man at all. Boy, bye.

    4. He doesn’t show you off to the fam.

    He can talk about his family all he wants, but as far as you’re concerned, he might as well be an orphan because you’ve never actually seen any sign of them.  While no person in their right mind should introduce a potential significant other to their family on the first date, if 36 dates have passed and it’s still a no-go, it’s probably time to reevaluate things.

    5. It’s all about three letters, not three words. 


    Usually, it’s those three words — I love you — that define most relationships, but if it’s more like three letters — sex — that define yours, it might be a red flag. While sex is an important part of any relationship, if he’s more concerned with asking how the sex was rather than how your day was, it’s more than likely safe to assume that he only cares about one thing.

    Trust me when I say, if the guy who cuffed you in the winter slowly starts to treat you like a spring fling… well, you know what that means for summer. Have your fun, but know your boundaries. And, most importantly, get out at the right time!



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