Having A Savings In Your 20’s Is A No-Brainer! Here’s Why:

    If you don’t have a savings in your 20s, I have to question if you even have a brain..

    I read article after article about how not having a savings account in your 20s is perfectly okay. “Travel the World! Blow all your money! It’s totally cool!”


    Does anyone understand how stupid this entire idea is? Yes ,of course you should enjoy your life and travel as much as possible, but not at the cost of scrambling to pay your bills and having nothing to fall back on.

    ‘Adulting 101′, wasn’t a class in high school, but it should have been. Clearly, we have this idea that everything is just going to fall into place one day and we’ll worry about it when we get there.

    If you’re content with never owning a home or a car, never paying off your student loans, living off welfare forever, or chillin’ in your parents basement until they either die or move out themselves, then carry on with this way of life.

    For everyone else, allow me to give the reality check you need.

    You’re 20s Will End One Day…

    Yep, sadly, we will not be young and beautiful forever. Living your 20’s is great, but what about the day you turn 30? Do you expect a magical savings to appear out of no where? -If this has happened to anyone, please let me know.

    Chances are, it hasn’t and unless you’re a trust fund baby, 30 is going to be a really bad time. Your idea of being 30 with a house, a car, and a perfect little life is bullish*t if you don’t start getting it together.


    You’re Young. You Should be Hustling.

    Of course! Spending a $1,000 on EDC, Coachella and all these other ridiculous concerts is a much better use of money than paying back your student loans.

    Tell me, does Coachella offer housing? I didn’t think so.

    I’m not saying you have to stay in every weekend, but just because you want to do something doesn’t mean you do it. This, my friends, is called being responsible and yes, you have to start this in your 20s. You should be working overtime or two jobs while you can because it will put you ahead in the future.

    Do we not think about the future? Is that not a Millennial thing to do? Oh, okay.


    You Have Nothing To Fall Back On…

    Prague was amazing! I’m so happy for you!

    Then you come back and lose your job. What’s the game plan now, kid?

    You spent so much money on traveling the world you left yourself with nothing to maintain your life. Jobs are far and few between today, so finding one is going to be rough. If you think unemployment is going to protect you, guess again. They do not give you nearly as much as you were actually making. Company’s know how to work the numbers, don’t be stupid.

    Also- Why would you ever want the stress of fearing your debit card declining buying a gallon of milk instead of knowing you can buy enough food to live a few months. It just doesn’t make sense. Mommy and daddy won’t always be there to wipe your ass, you better learn how to survive on your own. 200-9

    You’re Expensive Taste Won’t Pay the Bills. 

    You know when you can spoil yourself? When you have $20,000 sitting in the bank. Until then, put the shoes down and step away from the bag. Have you ever heard the expression, “don’t buy the $100 purse and have nothing in it, buy the $10 purse and put $90 in it.

    This is called being smart. It’s not being cheap.

    Awesome your sneakers cost $250? You’re going to need them when your car gets repossessed for missing another payment.



    You’ll Never Get Anything Because You’ve Destroyed Your Credit…


    Get it? Credit cards actually cost money, and a lot of it over time. Just because you have a couple of high limits doesn’t mean you get to max out your plastic. They’re suppose to be for important purchases and things you need. Not things you want because you’re a “baller”. You’re not a baller, you’re f*cking broke.

    Oh! I forgot! -I feel like I should explain this; after you charge sh*t, YOU NEED TO PAY IT OFF. Not late, not eventually. You need to pay it off on time and mailing in the minimums isn’t going to get you anywhere.

    Each time you’re, “just a day late”, your score drops. It doesn’t take much to end up in the 300’s. If you don’t know what your credit score is or why it’s important, you’re not only failing at life but your parents have failed you as well. 200-13

    Life Truth: FOMO is not real. 

    If you say no now, you’ll say yes the rest of your life. You need to start thinking head. There’s nothing wrong with taking a vacation or going out with your friends, but why do you want to royally f*ck your future to have fun now?

    Think before you act. Learn the trick of paying your bills. Stop using credit cards. Save your money.

    Remember this article. I’ll be expecting a lot of flowers and “thank you’s” when you all turn 30.



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