#HappyFather’sDay: A Letter To The First Man I’ve Ever Loved..


    I don’t remember the first time I saw you. I don’t remember the first time you held me in your arms or the first time you smiled at me. I don’t remember a lot of things, but what I do remember are things that have shaped me into who I am today.

    You’re the first man who ever had my heart. Do you know how hard it’s going to be for another man to ever compare to you? To ever give me the love you’ve shown me? You’ve taught me how a man should provide for his family. That even though there may be blood, sweat and tears, a man’s job is to make sure his family is safe. You’ve taught me that men make mistakes, but true love conquers all and sometimes the things we say really aren’t meant. You taught me that good men are faithful, and there is no excuse for them to be anything less.

    Your embrace saved me; from monsters under my bed to boys who broke my heart. You may not have always known what to say, but you didn’t have to. All you had to do was hold me tight and suddenly I knew everything was going to be okay. Do you know how powerful your hugs are? Did you know you had that super power?

    I’m sorry for all the times I drove you crazy, but that’s what little girls do. Don’t worry, you drove me just as crazy. Remember the time you questioned my almost boyfriend like he was a suspect in a murder? I blamed you for us never becoming anything more than friends when I really should have been thanking you. You really did always know what was best for me; sorry it took so long to admit that.

    You were the first man to ever give me butterflies. There was no feeling comparable to the one I got when you walked through the door after work. Regardless of how exhausted you were, not once did you ever deny catching me as I leaped into your arms. I didn’t care that you were covered in dirt and had been working in the sun all day, you were home and that’s all that matter.

    I find it funny how things shift as we grow older. Suddenly, I’ve started to realize the same excited look I use to have when you came home is now the one you have when I walk through the door. I know you don’t see me as much as you used to. I know that you’ve realized my days off are spent with friends and not with you, but I don’t want you to think that means I’ve forgotten you.

    You are my guy, daddy. The guy who dance with me at my Sweet 16 and twirled me like a princess dancing with her king. The guy who couldn’t wait to tell everyone when I scored a goal or got the lead in the school play. You’re the guy who made me remember how special I was when I thought the least of myself. How could I ever forget you?

    I dream of the day you walk me down the isle. About the day I get to tell you, you’re going to have a little girl in your life again. You are the reason I work so hard and do so much; because making you proud is all I’ve ever really wanted.

    There’s a new man in my life now. You’re not the one kissing me goodnight anymore. I’m sorry if that makes you sad, it makes me sad too. But daddy, please don’t ever think that just because I’m grown that means you’re not my #1 guy anymore. That place in my heart will always be yours.

    Thank you daddy, for everything that you’ve done and everything you continue you do. You’re the first man I’ve ever loved and the only man I’ll love for my entire existence. I love you, daddy. Thank you for being the greatest father a girl could have. Happy Father’s Day.

    Love Always,

    Your Little Girl, Forever…



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