Good Karma Foods – Holiday Nog Review

    The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, focused on sharing, togetherness, and indulgence. From work parties, to gatherings with friends and family festivities, it’s likely you may consume more food than you knew was possible. When you’re surrounded by an abundance of savory and sweet treats for an extended period of time, it can be hard to choose just what you’d like to indulge in. And, if you’re dairy free, vegan, or avoid other major allergens like soy or gluten, you know how tricky it can be to successfully navigate the food and beverages options at holiday functions.

    That’s why we love the new Holiday Nog from Good Karma Foods. Made from cold-pressed flaxseed oil, this plant-based holiday beverage is not only free from dairy – and all other major eight allergens for that matter – it has a surprisingly delicious holiday flavor and a creamy texture that won’t disappoint, especially compared to other almond and coconut plant-based options. Plus, each serving is only 45 calories and you get the added bonus of 600mg omega-3 healthy fats, so chug away on this Nog without the worry or guilt. Bonus, this vegan nog works well with your holiday hot toddies, too (we tested), so even your family and friends who don’t drink  dairy-free will delight in  this festive holiday option!

    Check out Good Karma to find the Holiday Nog at stores and to check out some plant-based recipe ideas for the holidays. We’re loving this Fig & Cranberry Smoothie that’s perfectly festive and will help you jumpstart your day the right way before you indulge in other holiday treats.


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