Global Med-Grade Skincare Brand Epicutis Takes The World By Storm With Their Latest Product

    The trail-blazing skincare company from New Jersey, Epicutis, has launched a revolutionary new full-body product, and it’s taking the medical-grade skincare world by storm. It should come as no surprise that Epicutis has ‘done it again’ in terms of stunning the world through its innovative technological capabilities and its genuine care for the skin.

    Let’s preface with the differentiation between skin care and skin science. Skincare is an age-old tradition of maintaining the appearance of a person’s skin using chemicals derived from plants and other organic materials. Skin science (inspired by skin care) is the utilization of knowledge and aforementioned derivatives to achieve more striking results that are reflected in the overall health of an individual’s skin.

    So, without further ado, meet Epicutis’ new Lipid Body Treatment. Some readers may be familiar with the line of medical-grade skincare products from Epicutis, while others may have only dreamt of getting their hands on the products. To put it simply, the new Lipid Body Treatment is (sort of) a hybrid between their Lipid Serum and their Hyvia Crème

    Having used the line of products for quite some time, I’ll say I’m grateful that the brand made a body product. The existing products go a very long way, but it’s nice now that there’s a larger quantity available of a specifically body-focused formula.

    Epicutis is known for its clean, highly effective formulas, and products containing minimal, result-oriented ingredients. One of the most unique ingredient within Epicutis’ formulations would be Hyvia, an extract from the chia seed. Hyvia acts to firstly hydrate as well as strengthen the skin barrier, and increase the skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid.

    Unfortunately, most cleansers (in the US) contain detergents and cause more harm to the skin than good. Over time, using products containing detergents will weaken the skin’s natural microbiome, barrier, and increase the likelihood of developing more serious skin issues.

    The transparency of the ingredients in Epicutis’ products has played an integral role in the brand’s eligibility for EWG verification. Since the ingredients are clean, high quality, and nontoxic, all Epicutis products are sold in the European Union (the most strict regulator of food and healthcare products in the world.) 

    Ultimately, the brand’s focus on simplicity and purity ensures its products’ effectiveness. Being composed of high-quality ingredients, designed by some of the most brilliant minds, and formulated in one of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the industry, the impact being made by the new Lipid Body Treatment isn’t shocking. This product’s success is a testament to the overall quality of the products, and a solid indication of the future success to result from the brand’s continued dedication to both skin care and skin science.

    Epicutis Lipid Body Treatment:


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