Get the look: hottest hair from the VMA’s red carpet

    We will likely be buzzing about last night’s MTV VMA Awards until the 2020 Presidential Election (thank you, Kanye!), but the real show-stoppers of the evening were the beauties seen on the arrivals carpet. Thanks to our insider scoop, we got the low-down on the hottest celebs and how to re-create their VMA glam-looks.

    shutterstock_311571017Gigi Hadid’s slicked back hair, glowing skin and golden yellow dress hit all the right notes. To recreate the look, Pureology International Artistic Director Wendy Bélanger has provided four simple tips below.

    1. Apply Pureology Colour Stylist Root Lift spray hair mousse to damp hair at base and the NEW! Smooth Perfection Style Shaping Gel (available in salons and com beginning Sept. 1) to the ends.
    2. Directionally blowdry the hair back and off of the face using a flat brush at the base and a round brush at the ends.
    3. Backcomb the hair from the crown forward in horizontal sections, laying one section over the other to the back of head.
    4. Smooth hair with a soft bristle brush and finish with Pureology Colour Stylist Strengthening Control zero dulling hairspray for a lasting hold.


    Rita Ora’s  exquisite platinum pony inspired by the paneling on her dress exclaimed SEXY. To recreate the look, stylist Chris Appleton gave us a peek into this red carpet winner.

    1. Prep the hair with Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner Anti Frizz Leave in Treatment
    2. Then, blow-dry the hair, using a combination of Matrix StyleLink Smooth Setter Smoothing Cream and Matrix Stylelink Turbo Dryer. (use flat brush to give it a smooth, sleek look).
    3. Next, divide hair into clean sections with Matrix StyleLink Shape Switcher, tying off each section.
    4. Create six ponytails that are interconnected, and apply Matrix StyleLink Heat Buffer, before flat ironing out her look.
    5. Finish with a few spritzes of Matrix StyleLink Style Fixer to ensure that the look stays put all night long.
    6. Tip from Chris – looking to achieve that same platinum shade? Ask your local colorist about Matrix SoColor!


    Curls, curls, curls…that was the theme when Nikki Providence styled Tory Kelly for the awards show. “Tori was blessed with lots of beautiful naturally curly hair – when you have curly hair, the most important thing is to keep it healthy and use products that support the natural texture”, said Providence.

    1. Prep hair with Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner – it cleans the hair without stripping its natural oils.
    2. Apply Matrix StyleLink Volume Builder at the roots (this should be done while hair is wet).
    3. Next, spread a generous amount of Matrix StyleLink Smooth Setter with a few drops of Matrix StyleLink Volume Booster at the roots throughout mid lengths making sure to distribute it evenly through the ends.
    4. Part the hair deeply on one side. Take 2 inch sections of hair and twist them into ropes- diffuse gently without disturbing the twists, until the hair is completely dry.
    5. Using your hands, shake the hair out at the roots to boost volume and separate the curls slightly. If any areas need a boost, now is the time to use a medium sized curling iron to touch up waves- make sure to keep the natural movement in the hair, don’t make every section uniform!
    6. At the roots, use Matrix StyleLink Height Riser, and finish with Matrix StyleLink Volume Fixer to keep the volume pumped up for hours.

    Looking for more FABULOUS celebrity styles from the MTV VMA Awards? Our friends at Redken created video tutorials with step-by-step instructions to achieve looks inspired by Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens, Cara Delevigne and Rebel Wilson!

    [iframe id=”” align=”center”]

    Twisted Ponytail inspired by Taylor Swift

    1. Start with dry hair. Create a side part using a fine-tooth comb.
    2. Spray a flat brush with Redken’s fashion work 12 versatile working spray, and brush through hair to smooth any fly-aways for a sleek look.
    3. Use thumbs to section off the top of the hair and secure with a  clip.
    4. Apply Redken’s powder grip 03 mattifying hair powder to the roots of the hair that is down for added grip.
    5. Let the top section of hair down and pull back into a low ponytail, holding it in place at the base of the head with your hands. Smooth out any bumps with a flat brush.
    6. Twist the length of the ponytail, holding it flat against the base of the head, and secure the twist at the crease with small hairpins along the length of the twist.
    7. Use a comb to pull bangs across forehead to create a swoop.
    8. Finish with a mist of fashion work 12 versatile working spray for hold and Diamond Oil High Shine Airy Mist for extra shine.Boho Braids inspired by Vanessa Hudgens
    1. Start with dry hair. Emulsify a dime-size amount of Redken’s mess around 10 disrupting cream-paste all over hair to add texture.
    2. Section off a large section of hair at the crown on one side of the part. Braid the section all the way to the ends.
    3. Dust Redken’s powder grip 03 mattifying hair powder onto the braid and work into hair with fingers for added texture.
    4. Take two strands of the braid, and push them up toward the scalp. Secure with an elastic.
    5. Pull the braid back away from the face and secure in desired spot with small hair pins.
    6. Repeat steps 2 – 5 on the other side of the part.
    7. Finish with a mist of wax blast 10 high impact finishing spray wax for additional texture and hold.Side Swept & Sleek inspired by Cara Delevigne
    1. Start by using a comb to create a deep side part.
    2. Divide the sleek side of the hair into two sections. Spray Redken’s triple take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray (launching in October) onto the roots and comb flat against the head using a fine-tooth comb.
    3. For added shine, blow-dry the sleek side with medium-heat.
    4. Lightly mist fashion waves 07 sea salt spray all over the loose side of the hair and use fingers to scrunch in for beachy texture.
    5. Finish with a light mist of triple take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray to keep the look in place all night.Half Up Pompadour inspired by Rebel Wilson
    1. Start with dry hair. Apply 4 – 5 pumps of Redken’s glow dry style-enhancing blow-dry oil throughout hair for extra shine.
    2. Section off a top triangle of hair and secure with a clip. Then, use fingers to section off a middle portion of hair and secure with a hair tie.
    3. Lock in style with a mist of Redken’s triple take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray.
    4. Release the top section of hair, and spray all over with Redken’s quick tease 15 backcombing finishing spray.
    5. Use a flat brush to backcomb the top two sections of hair into a voluminous pompadour.
    6. Use a bobby pin to secure the pompadour in place.
    7. Finish with a thorough mist of triple take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray.



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