Gen Z is Going To Change Your World

    Generation Z or Gen Z, popularly known as iGeneration and post-millennials are the first digital natives to be raised on five popular digital platforms namely smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop and television.  

    The millennials were a group of people who mainly focussed on filtered photos and edited videos whereas the Gen Z believe in sharing their story live and their perspective on how they see the world from their lenses through snapchat stories. This simple transformation between the millennials and the Gen Z will undoubtedly result in many changes including a lot of people moving away from Facebook.  

    On taking a study about the Gen Z, it was observed that the individuals belonging to Generation Z are not drawn to watch the traditional television programs and prefer watching programs offered by Netflix and Youtube.

    They also enjoy playing a wide variety of games online including casino games and keep on changing their choices. This is where the softwares which let people play online like Bluefox Casino comes into significance. The technological emergence has helped these businesses set up things in such a way that it satisfies the Gen Z and what is being offered to keep updating accordingly to human behavior.

    Characteristics of Gen Z

    • Gen Z are digital natives: The factor which distinguishes millennials from Gen Z is that the Gen Z consider the dial-up internet connections and mobile phones as the basic necessities of life. They have been raised with an ideology that they can interact with anyone around the world via the social media platforms and so they are popularly known as the neo-digital natives.
    • They are accepting – Gen Z consists of people who are open-minded and accept things easily. For instance, the concept of gay rights was readily accepted by the Gen Z.
    • Health-conscious – Gen Z are well-aware as to what bad food habits comprise of from their childhood. And so, they are extremely conscious of their diet and its nutritional value.
    • They value privacy – Gen Z prefers to keep their social networks restricted. Unlike the older generations, Gen Z does like the marketing of brands which takes place through the sharing of the customers’ data but they do not view this as a violation of privacy. Indeed, they avoid brands which do not publicise their existence.
    • They are entrepreneurial  – While millennials believed in dreaming big and aiming high, the Gen Z dream of setting up their own business in order to be financially secure. They are also well aware of the pros and cons of business.

    How is Gen Z going to transform the world?

    Well, this generation is leaving the traditional stereotypes behind. Snapchats and Periscope are providing the Gen Z with a platform to see and reflect on the lives of people around the world and understand as to how our lives are a way too similar.

    In this world of monotony and self-centeredness, the Gen Z comprises of a group of individuals who do not concur with 9 to 5 work culture and are keen on pursuing their passion. This indeed will open the doors to entrepreneurship where the big branded companies will have to change their business models and strategies.

    Generation Z constitutes a set of people who are not attracted to television, email and to the world of celebrity and artificial beauty, they are more inclined to something that is realistic and highly innovative in nature.

    Thus, traditional marketing will certainly be a failure if adopted and so, it is important that the existing companies adapt to the mindset and the business conventions of Gen Z in order to sustain themselves in the current market scenario.


    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

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