Game Porting: What Is It and How Can You Do It With Success

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    In software terminology, porting means making a program/software adaptive for other computing environments or simply for other platforms to which it’s not being designed. When any software or hardware is changed/modified to make them capable of different environments is called porting.

    Now, what’s game porting? The answer is the same as we discussed above. In the 1990s video game porting was known as “conversions”, were not ports, but are reworked versions of the video games. However, now a day’s video games are successfully developed using software (based in C++ to Unity or Unreal Engine) that can code for one or more platforms /environments as consoles, mobile devices or even VR/AR.

    The Importance of Game Porting

    Nowaday’s porting video games are gaining immense popularity and are played on a wide variety of devices such as PCs, mobile devices, and tablets. However, a game developed for one platform cannot be used on another. In such a situation, developers go for game porting services. It requires an in-depth knowledge of different computing environments. The most ported game ever includes Ninja Gaiden, Street Fighter 2, and Metal Gear. below mentioned are some importance of game porting.

    • Less Expensive

    The cost of porting a game compatible with a new platform is comparatively less expensive than writing an original script or making a new one. Also for video game players, there is a lesser cost too. The cost for console gaming is around $60, whereas the majority of PC games have a price under $60, sometimes $40 or cheaper.

    And all of them go on sale on steam for most of the time. You will never run out of sales on steam. Moreover, you will find great modern gaming for as low as $20, sometimes even just $20 or less. Many games are free like Fortnite which is highly demanded and also played on PCs and PS4 for free.

    • Graphics and Animation Quality

    Almost all devices which include tablets, android, and ios provide comparatively low pixel resolution as compared to PC. And again that’s the reason many go for PC gaming. While not true at all tiers of PC gaming, from medium to high tiers, a video game will look significantly better on PC as compared to console, mobile, tablets, or any other device. Because on PC, the video game will indeed have a much higher resolution with far better shading and graphical effects. Also, players will prefer a PC rather than a console.

    • Flexibility For Players

    If a person feels that a particular game is not compatible or less flexible to its device, then it can go to game porting for different devices which will provide a better resolution, experience, and flexibility to play a video game.

    Game porting requires in-depth knowledge in programming languages like C++, operating systems, app development, and various computing environments and consoles. Also, the gaming port brings you the cost savings and performance, and versatility for your clients. With a great passion for video games, we can recreate old games on the newest platforms at a nominal cost, with the best quality.


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