Game Beauty Makeup Review

    Game beauty is a very cool brand that is inspired by video games. Accompanied with original packaging artworks designed by CG art professionals. They aim to deliver fun shades that tell stories of a game, while encouraging you to explore and discover your own color combo.Game Beauty is also PETA-certified cruelty-free and no bunnies were harmed in the making of their products. They have beautiful makeup for everyone and their personal preferences. Game Beauty is a brand all you makeup lovers should check out! I received the Fantasy Palette which is a beautiful blue palette with a really cool design on the outside of a girl towards a mountain/volcano. They conceptualized and created the Fantasy palette in mid 2020 when the world came to a screeching halt. It was a time when something awakens in many—the secret yearnings for a change from the tyranny of pragmatism and a break from the humdrum of a routine life. It was a time of disruption, imagination, and most importantly, action.

    Thereby, encourage you to embrace your desire and embark on the quest to realize your fantasy!

    Eye Shadows:

    • ILLUMINATE – a matte laguna yellow shade;
    • FAITH – a matte coral orange shade;
    • ETHEREAL – a chameleon sapphire blue shade with a electric purple shift;
    • CELESTIAL – a chameleon white shade with a blue-pink shift;
    • ICY FANTASY – a matte sky blue shade;
    • BUFF – a shimmering olympic blue shade;
    • COURAGE – a matte yale blue shade;
    • MANA – a shimmering sapphire blue shade with pearl drops;
    • MAGE – a matte mauve purple shade.

    Pressed Pigment:

    • DREAMLAND – a matte taffy pink shade.


    I also received the Victory Palette which personally is my favorite! I just love everything about it from the packaging to the eyeshadows, such a beautiful palette with very rich pigmented colors. Victory is an eyeshadow palette proudly displaying 10 high contrast colours from deep, sultry matte shades to the lustrous, gleaming shimmer and chameleon shades and a wide range of colours to suit any mood, any time. 

    Eye Shadows:

    • HARD CARRY – a matte prussian blue shade;
    • PUG – a matte ochre orange shade;
    • TANK – a matte umber brown shade;
    • GLASS CANNON – a chameleon turkish blue shade with subtle lime gold shimmers;
    • LOOT – a chameleon white shimmer with a lime gold shift;
    • GOLD – a shimmering warm gold shade with pearl drops;
    • KITING – a matte cider orange shade;
    • OP – a matte syrup brown shade;
    • GLORY – a barn red shade with lime gold shimmers;
    • GG – a matte lighter burnt orange shade.

    The Elemental Pearl – Pyro Highlighter is a very pretty highlighter that can be applied with any makeup look. It is weightless and universally flattering highlighter, infused with fiery energy to give your skin a candlelit glow. With a buildable and blendable texture, either a single sweep to spark a fire, or aggravate the flame to make it even hotter.

    • Intense pigment with radiant finish
    • Luminous highlight with a red sheen
    • Vegan & cruelty-free

    Elemental Pearl Highlighter – Cyro is a weightless and universally flattering highlighter, infused with arctic energy to give your skin a glacial glow. With a buildable and blendable texture, either apply a gentle touch to luminate your skin, or shower yourself in diamond dust and descend as the empress of ice.

    Translucent spirit frozen in azure wonderland, sparkling and blinding, yet clear and pure.

    • Intense pigment with radiant finish
    • Luminous highlight with a blue sheen
    • Vegan & cruelty-free

    To view more about Game Beauty Makeup click here:


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