GAEA Dirty Martini Juice Review

    New Theory checked out GAEA Dirty Martini juice as it was immediately an addition to our liquor cabinet.

    We received some samples of GAEA in the mail and didn’t know what to expect. I love martini’s, but I’m horrible at making them as I tend to add either too much or too little Gin.

    The branding and labeling for their Dirty Martini Juice trendy but not cheesy. It comes in a 6.8 oz glass bottle and is ready for mixing.

    Obviously, you can always add a little juice from a jar of olives if you have them lying around. However, the olive juice by GAEA is specially formulated for use with spirits as they are a Greek company that sells high-end olive oils. The Dirty Martini Juice with Brines left over from the company’s olive oil production. We tested it with Hendrick’s Gin as it was spectacular. Drinking Martini’s can very expensive at a bar as this is perfect for a Netflix binge or pregaming before a night out on the town.



    So if you’re signature drink is a Dirty Martini then we highly recommend GAEA Dirty Martini Juice.

    You can check them out here:


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