From Tragedy Emerges True Passion for Ballroom Dancing

    Ram Viswanathan is an exceptional human being. Worked his whole life to rise through the ranks in the ultra competitive Banking industry. He left corporate to help run his wife’s pediatric practice. Their one patient at a time approach paid off as they were growing their practice at a time when many practices were closed or being sold. Then tragedy struck, Ram lost his partner in life and in business. Rather than give up, he rebuilt the practice and discovered dance. That was 8.5years ago as he is now is ranked one of top amateurs in the world in his competing class for Ballroom dance. Not to mention his age has a 7 in front of it. Listen to this and you will have to abandon all excuses.

    Take a listen to this important podcast:

     Check out his moves as he is mastering his passion:

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    • Tom La Vecchia

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