Fresh Ways To Make An Impact With Your Marketing Strategy


    Marketing used to be limited to only a few mediums of exposure. These were radio, television, and print. Now, there is plethora of mediums and platforms for you to expose your brand on and you need to start getting smart about where you want to be seen and what kind of advertising and marketing works best for your target audience. With the array of options, it becomes quite luxurious to pick and choose and be doing this you can really build a marketing profile that works perfectly both for you and for your customer. It can really show off your brand in ways that are unique and personalised and represent you just the way you want to be seen. It’s important to know what there is out there so you can do just that. Here are some ideas of trending and popular approaches to marketing that makes an impact. 

    Video production

    Corporate video production Canberra can help you write a script, create a storyboard, choreograph the scenes and produce video content that can be used in several ways. Some corporate video is used for onboarding, as a way of educating the newbie in the ways of the company and building knowledge of the company culture and ethos. You can also use corporate videos as quick company intros in sales meetings, at conferences or even playing in the background at an exhibition.

    Data mining

    It also becomes easier and easier to design marketing strategies to be specific to the audience you want to capture. Especially in the digital space where there is big data that helps your advertising campaigns narrow down the customer profile. Data mining can give you the common information such as age, location, gender, etc. But it can also become as specific as the place where they were born, sports team they support, whether they have children or not, their hobbies or even what their last purchase was. 

    Being present on social media

    If you’re going to use social media as a way to promote your brand, be ready to engage with your customers too. If you have a social media presence, but don’t respond or react when people engage with you, either in the public space or through private messaging, you will have disgruntled customers and may even have lost them. Customers want to be able to have direct communication with the brands they love or even the brands they’re unhappy with. Good communication with a brand that they’re unhappy with can turn around their opinions for the good. This is the aim

    Share knowledge

    The world is changing into an open book and the rate at which people consume information is profound. People want to feel like they are getting something back and often just getting information is enough to make them feel like they are valued. FMCGs in the food industry can find themselves offering free recipes or health tips and if it is good and authentic, users will keep coming back to the brand or business website for more.


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