4 Ways to Construct a Storage Bay

    It is important to create a versatile storage bay so you can get maximum use from the facility. This maximises your investment and makes certain that the storage bay will be used for many years. There are many reasons to create a storage bay, including for storing bulky materials such as sand and gravel, keeping products and materials safe from the elements, and helping to separate materials from each other. 

    Read on to discover the different ways to construct a useful storage bay using precast concrete. This versatile material helps you create a storage bay that is fit for its purpose. 

    1. Using Freestanding Retaining Walls

    A storage bay constructed with interlocking retaining wall blocks for the freestanding walls is easy to install and very quick. You can choose from a variety of heights of freestanding walls to ensure that your needs are covered. There is also the opportunity to get prestressed concrete that increases the strength of the bay. There is no fixing required in this method of constructing a storage bay.

    2. Using Interlocking Concrete Blocks for Aggregate Storage Bays

    There is also no fixing required using this method. It is quick and easy to make a storage bay with this method just by using interlocking precast concrete blocks. The dimensions of the bay can be adjusted in order to increase or decrease storage capacity, which is a big advantage for many purposes. This type of storage bay is available in a number of different sizes. 

    1. Using Horizontal Prestressed Concrete Panels

    Since the concrete is prestressed, the construction is stronger and more durable. This creates a permanent storage bay structure that has a higher load capacity than other options. But while the structure is permanent, it is also as easy and quick to construct as other methods. A variety of sizes are available. 

    4. Using Cast in Retaining Walls

    If you are looking for a storage bay constructed from materials that can withstand the elements, a bay made from cast in retaining walls in precast concrete is ideal. This system creates a bay that is easy to access and is particularly suited to larger loads. 

    Since precast concrete is created in a factory environment, its production is closely monitored. This means that there is a uniform consistency to the finished product and that variations are kept to a minimum. Creating a storage bay with precast concrete provides a strong, uniform base for the store. This is particularly important when it comes to storing volatile materials, or when constructing a storage bay that needs to protect materials from the elements. 

    Whatever type of storage bay you construct, deciding to use precast concrete will help make the construction process go more smoothly. There are other advantages to using precast concrete including speed of installation and economic benefits, making this material ideal for storage bays and other industrial applications. 


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