Five Years Gone (Poem)

    Five Years Gone

    You’re the queen of my winter born heart

    You have never seen me this torn apart.

    In time you had formed a start

    In a mind who neglected the norm for art.

    The first year

    Was indeed the worst year.

    Spit fire with my cold heart in the worst fear

    In feeling worst than how it hurts here.

    The following year

    Was the wallowing year

    I can feel my core hollowing here

    This swallowing fear 

    Is scarier than Halloween, hear?

    The third year

    Shed the third tear

    And I swear with every word here

    Instead put me in the dirt, hear?

    The fourth year.

    I’m forced into more fear.

    For comfort I’m sore for a feel.

    Jesus come hold the wheel.

    The fifth year

    My heart feels really ripped here

    The legend rises from the myth here

    Now your name is on my wrist here.

    Reconnecting with family 

    For so long I thought God damn me

    Create outside the canvas cannot frame me

    Inside the past because I am not the same me. 

    I cry while I construct

    Complex sonnets with an alluring conduct

    The lineage continued and I’m up

    I will succeed until my time come

    So with love from one son to a mother

    Forgive all wrong I’ve done and the other

    Questioning one life with answers from another

    Thank God for Nancy, I love her.

    Submitted by Vincent J. Tartaglia