Five Ideas What to Do If Your Mailings Are Claimed as Spam

    The situation when letters cease to reach your recipients is not the most pleasant and causes a lot of troubles. Not a single company is safe from getting into the spam folder. Even if you send the news to a subscriber base, your IP address can still be blacklisted. It is impossible to completely eliminate the possibility of getting blocked, but these risks can be significantly minimized.

    In What Cases IP Can Get Into a Spam Database

    Your IP may appear in the spam list even if you have not sent junk letters. Regularly check your IP for availability in the databases like because your service could be suspected in IP abuse. The problems can be identified by the following markers:

    • If too many message recipients complain about spam.
    • If the recipients do not open messages, while the letters from your IP continue to arrive regularly. The reason may be in the mail services that consider your actions as suspicious and put the IP on the blacklist.
    • If the letters are sent to the addresses that are bought or received in a dishonest manner.
    • If the recipients’ list contains mail on domains, which are already in spam databases.
    • If the content of the letter is suspicious: there are too many capital letters or exclamation marks, spam words like “urgent” or “freebie”, no text in the letter or it has links to blacklisted domains.

    5 Ways to Make Your Mailings Impeccable

    There are many tips on how to prevent your letters from getting into spam. Here are the five most effective ones:

    1. Use a trusted domain: avoid mailings from free services. It is better to register your domain to which you attach your company’s email.
    2. Indicate the real name for sending letters: a message from an ordinary person will receive more responses than from a robot.
    3. The recipient should be able to unsubscribe from your newsletter: a link to unsubscribe your letters should be visible.
    4. Proper formatting is the key to successful mailing: your letters must be formatted according to the RFC 5322 and HTML standards.
    5. Avoid using stop words in the design of letters: you should not have expressions with “freebie”, “download” or “click here” because it can be regarded by the mailer as spam.

    Getting into the junk database is very easy but you will have to put effort to get the IP address out of it. This implies the elimination of the problem with spam from the server. Indeed, there are situations when you have not sent spam, your server was hacked and a “bad” mailing was made from it. In this case, you should take care of the security of your server.


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