Fantastic 2017 Growth Hack: 34% of Companies are Outsourcing

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    The new business paradigm is outsourcing. Outsourcing helps startups innovate, improve speed to market and increase their bottom line. Asad Khan, founder of ePlanet Communications, advises startups to begin outsourcing as a growth hack for their businesses.

    Studies show that 27% of companies outsource to reduce expenses. (1) This “growth hack” is essential as nearly 50% of all startups fail because they exhaust their budgets—and entrepreneurs are discovering other advantages to outsourcing:

    • Outsourcing can increase productivity and competitiveness 10- to 100-fold;
    • 34% of companies use outsourcing to grow their business in the modern global economy. (2)


    With knowledge gaps accounting for 18% of startup failures (2), Asad Khan of ePlanet Communications, a specialist in the global BPO and Contact Center market, asserts that outside expertise provides needed intellectual capital for small business success.

    Khan says that to compete as a startup in today’s market place, you need to be a smart, agile and innovate leader.

    “Even the smartest entrepreneur cannot be an expert at everything; and even if you are, there are simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish all that your startup requires,” said Khan. 

     Per Khan, outsourcing to experts not only saves the trouble of performing tasks outside of a company’s core competencies, but also cuts down on the cost of hiring full-time specialists.

    Additionally, he notes that outsourcing reduces overhead, allowing for additional investment in growth, development and innovation. In fact, 78% of entrepreneurs believe that freelancers give them a competitive edge. (2)

    Asad Khan can speak to the following:

    • Why is outsourcing integral to a startup business?
    • What should businesses look for in finding the right company to outsource from?
    • Which countries are the best to outsource business processes to?
    • Which countries contain the most educated and technologically advanced BPO teams?
    • What evidence supports that BPO is an advantageous decision for businesses?
    • How can outsourcing increase a company’s bottom line?
    • What are the most outsourced features in a company? And why?
    • Are there specific industries that would benefit more from outsourcing? What are they?

    ePlanet Communication is a global business process outsourcing provider with extensive experience in call center operations, digital media solutions, and direct response solutions.

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