Fall 2017 Makeup Roundup That Every Girl Needs

    New Theory puts together the ultimate fall 2017 must have makeup every girl needs.


    Are you looking for a kit that not only focuses on just the color but also cares for your lips and preps them for your perfect liner and lipstick combo? Well, the Kismet Primp Lip Kits does that for you. Let’s start by pointing out the packaging itself is so cute and unique, I love the pink and gold colors. Each Primp Lip Kit comes with your choice of Buff Sugar Lip Scrubs, A Perfect Golden Hydrogel Lip Mask, your choice of Edge Lip Liner and your choice of Velvet Collection Semi-Matte Lipstick. These products are amazing!!!! A must have for your makeup collection. Also, these kits would make a great gift for those beauty fanatics out there.

    The Buff Sugar Lip Scrubs use a carefully selected blend of natural oils to exfoliate and moisturize your lips gently. The Perfect Golden Hydrogel Lip Masks use natural ingredients to hydrate and deliver anti-aging benefits. The Edge Mini Lip Liners deliver B5 to moisturize lips while helping the color to stay between the lines. And the Velvet Collection Lipsticks are best-selling, ultra moisturizing formula fans have come to love.

    The Succulent Cosmetic Collection by Kismet is the seasons hottest, on-trend colors. I love this lipstick I got SPEAKEASY LIQUID LIPSTICK. It is a semi-matte lipstick in a liquid form. You get the benefit of a gloss-like application, with the pigment and payoff of a lipstick. Beautiful color with great pigmentation. The collection’s products are Cruelty-Free, 100% Vegan and made in the United States.

    The Mascarade Mascara by Kismet was released in summer 2016. I fell in love with this mascara. It leaves no clumps, great length and easy to remove doesn’t damage my lashes. This mascara is 100% All Natural, and Cruelty-Free. Great for everyday wear, lengthened, separated, and lifted your lashes all while providing healthy benefits for your lashes.

    Check out Kismet here: https://www.kismetcosmetics.com/

    Deck of Scarlet

    I was lucky enough to try out the Makeup Palette #003. After just one use I already knew I was going to be hooked. The colors are very pigmented and long lasting. I went out all night, and by the time I came back to my hotel everything was still intact. I was shocked because from personal experience many of other palettes from different brands I’ve tried with shadows and lip products were not good quality of makeup. However, the Deck of Scarlet turned out to be worth it! Each palette is curated by an Artist In Chief that can range from professional makeup artists to beauty bloggers. These palettes are thin and lightweight, easy for storage. Perfect for traveling, and a great gift product.

    All of the products that come in this palette are super pigmented so you don’t need much product a little can go a long way. My favorite thing about the palette is how you can transform a simple daytime look to a dramatic night time look by just mixing or adding more colors.

    How Subscription Works:

    • NEW MAKEUP SUBSCRIPTION – A bi-monthly makeup subscription for $29.95. A new palette every two months. Just $29.95 ($133 value). Skip anytime.
    • MULTIPLE LOOKS PER PALETTE – Each palette is made in collaboration with a popular YouTuber.
    • COLLECT YOUR DECK- Every palette is unique and limited edition. You’ll want to own them all.

    Check out Deck of Scarlet here: https://www.deckofscarlet.com/

    Sleek Makeup

    The Sleek MakeUP Cream Contour Kit is so pigmented; the colors are beautiful and easy to blend. The kit comes in 3 shades, light, medium and dark. I use medium, as I work partly outdoors and always have some tanning, however light. If your skin is very fair, I suggest the light kit as the medium may take away a natural look. It is an amazing product; this should be your go to kit.

    • Sculpt, define and enhance to create the illusion of refined features, higher cheekbones, a softer jawline, or a slimmer nose
    • The velvety smooth, buildable cream formulas blend seamlessly onto the skin for a flawless, fade-proof finish
    • Expertly developed combination of shades that work with your skin tone to create natural shadows and highlights.
    • For smooth application use an angled contour brush, The key to a flawless finish is to blend, blend, blend!
    • Store in a cool dry place

    Sleek Make up eye shadows are beautifully pigmented eye shadows that blend really well with each other. The names of the colors are so pretty and add a little extra when using the palette! The case is good quality and has a nice mirror in the lid. Their lipsticks are also a must have! You have a different variety of colors to choose from. Their lipsticks last all day and the matt look somehow enhances the fullness of my lips which I love! Overall this makeup line is amazing and not pricey, for all the girls who don’t want to spend their whole paycheck on makeup! Highly recommended.

    Check out Sleek here: https://www.sleekmakeup.com/


    Are you looking for the perfect blush? No need to look any further. The TEABERRY Mineral Blush by Shara is a wonderful full-color blush, with mineral elements to make the apple of the cheek pop. I use this blush almost every morning to give me that ‘sun-tan, healthy look.’ It has just the right amount of red and brown color that it looks realistic and makes me look more vibrant and luscious.

    Check out Shara here: https://www.makeupbyshara.com/

    Nicolet Beauty

    Fashion designer turned cosmetics maker Anna Nicole started Nicole Beauty for the dynamic and unique ladies of all skin tones. She wanted to offer cosmetics line that used few harmful ingredients in it as possible without sacrificing pigmentation. A cosmetics brand that ranged from the great everyday wearable shade to the daring bold I am woman hear me roar type shade.

    I tried the AVENEL Lip Catnip. This product is a gorgeous brown nude lip gloss. The texture and finish looks as though you melted a lipstick and poured it into a lip gloss. Catnip is a highly pigmented lip gloss, that’s vegan, paraben free, and cruelty-free! Scented with a soft sweet smell of cupcakes!

    Check out Nicolet Beauty here: https://www.nicoletbeauty.com

    Dirty Girl Farm

    Are you looking for a natural sun-kissed glow without the harmful rays of the sun or chemical tanning products? The bronzing butter by Dirty Girl Farm is perfect for you! The bronzing butter is a fluffy, moisturizing and sparkly product. Caffeine naturally tightens and firms cellulite-prone areas. Compliments all skin tones and it smells amazing!

    The Elm Foundation is all-natural mineral makeup that provides luminous color and great adhesion. You can achieve a full coverage or a light dusting depending on how much product you use. We can not forget a good setting powder. Combining only mica and aloe vera powder, the All Set Setting Powder gives your makeup a luminous finish that will last all day. Say goodbye to oily shine and hello to a healthy glow. I combined this two and got a flawless all day lasting full face makeup look.

    Check out Dirty Girl Farm here: https://dirtygirlfarm.com

    Beesintal Lipbalm

    I am a huge fan of lip balms. I love to use them in the morning before applying my make up, before going to bed, and it is the only product I use if I am doing a no make up day. I hate dry chopped lips, looks unhealthy and just doesn’t feel good. The Natural Lip Balm is made with a unique blend of replenishing Virgin Olive & Coconut Oils, moisturizing Beeswax, Aloe, Honey, Hemp. The Lemon Lavender has been voted the USA’s Best Lip Balm by Total Beauty Magazine!

    I was lucky enough to try all of their lip balms. Picking a favorite one was tough. I love them all! But for you guys I did, I have to go with the Peppermint Lip Balm. OMG this is by far my favorite lip balm ever! It leaves my lips so soft and moisturized. It’s long lasting and soothing I take it with me everywhere I go. Peppermint Lip Balm is made with a refreshing blast of Eucalyptus. It refreshes your lips with the cool sensation of soothing Peppermint! Scented with Peppermint essential oil and other natural moisturizers, this Peppermint Lip Balm softens for lips that are sure to stir-up a Buzz.

    • Beeswax Lip Balm
    • Moisturizing
    • Acai Antioxidants
    • Propolis
    • Replenishing

    Check out Beeinstal here: https://www.beessential.com/

    MEVEI Luxury Skin Oils

    This Skin Oils are amazing. I tried the Rosehip Oil and Jojoba Oil, both excellent quality and left my skin feeling better than ever. I was never really into body oils since I always wear lotion every day after the shower. But I decided to give this product a try, and I will never go back!

    My skin never felt so soft and moisturized; my skin also looks so healthy and glowing. These products can be used as general body oils or nourishing hair and scalp. A must have for your body and hair routines.

    MEVEI | ROSEHIP Luxury Skincare Oil:

    • ROSEHIP – REJUVENATE & RESTORE : Luxury, natural skincare oil from the Forever Collection by MEVEI
    • 100% Pure, natural, unrefined, undiluted Rosa Canina Seed Oil (Rosehip)
    • Product Origin : CHILE
    • Packaged in patented, exclusive violet glass bottles for maximum protection against UV damage and extended lifespan
    • OUR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE : If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange it or return it to us for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date. No questions asked!

    Harvested from rose bushes in Chile and other parts of the world, the ROSEHIP – REJUVENATE & RESTORE luxury skincare oil from the FOREVER COLLECTION by MEVEI, is full of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids known to promote clear and hydrated complexions. The regenerative properties of this natural serum corrects dark spots and reduces scars and fine line aging. Rosehip is most effectively absorbed into skin that is damp and clean and followed by a natural moisturizer, as many skin types require both oil and moisture for optimized health.

    MEVEI | JOJOBA Luxury Skincare Oil:

    • JOJOBA – HYDRATE & BALANCE : Luxury, natural skincare oil from the Forever Collection by MEVEI
    • 100% Pure, natural, unrefined, undiluted Simmondsia Chinensis Oil (Jojoba)
    • Product of USA
    • Packaged in patented, exclusive violet glass bottles for maximum protection against UV damage and extended lifespan
    • OUR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE : If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange it or return it to us for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date. No questions asked!

    Hailing from North America, JOJOBA – HYDRATE & BALANCE luxury skincare oil from the FOREVER COLLECTION by MEVEI, is a natural beauty secret that has been used for many years by native tribes of the region. Its natural SPF and anti-bacterial properties hydrate the skin, promote a balanced complexion and prevent acne on the skin. Anti-fungal and deeply moisturizing properties also make Jojoba oil beneficial to a scalp that suffers from dandruff or dryness and hair that is prone to breakage.

    Check out MEVEI here: https://mevei.com/

    Too Faced Indonesia

    Too Faced Cosmetics is a Paris-based makeup line that is quickly becoming a well known brand name.  Too Faced believes that that makeup is not just an accessory but also can raise mood and self-awareness for women.  They have a full range of products to suit your needs and style.  We like that they do not test on animals and although overseas they ship anywhere in the world.  We found their product line at a great price on a site out of Indonesia.

    Check them out: Too Faced Indonesia

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