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    Fab Slabs is a family-owned and operated business and all of their products are proudly 100% Australian-made. All cutting boards or chopping boards are milled, kiln dried and manufactured on the Sunshine Coast, about 1 hour North of Brisbane. Both Paul and Ricky are very much hands-on in the production of the cutting boards to maintain a high standard of quality. Their cutting board is the world’s most hygienic cutting board. 

    I received a large cutting board. I am in love with this product. Let’s start by the quality of this amazing cutting board. I without a doubt rate it 10/10 it’s like no other cutting board I owned before. Made out of real wood this is every chef or cook’s dream board. When you invest in chopping boards made by Fab Slab Timber, you get a fully functional board, as well as a piece that looks great in your kitchen when it isn’t being used. Best of all, you get a truly uniquely beautiful piece. Looking after your cutting board really isn’t that difficult

    Cutting Board Care

    • Wash your cutting board in hot soapy water after using it for cutting or serving. 
    • Dry the cutting board and put it away. 
    • When it looks dry, oil it lightly with edible oil. We use grapeseed oil. 

    Do Not 

    • Put the cutting board in the dishwasher
    • Leave out in the sun 
    • Leave soaking in water

    And there is no need to rub salt or lemon into the board. Your Fab Slabs board is naturally antibacterial already and does not need salt or lemon to kill any germs.

    This is just a high-quality PRODUCT every person should have in their kitchen!  Good chefs will tell you that preparation is half the battle, which is why the equipment becomes so important. One element that often gets forgotten about is wooden cutting boards, but they are definitely an essential part of any kitchen.

    To view more about Fab slabs visit: https://fabslabsusa.com


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