Everything You Need To Know About Hair Waver

    Having a bad hair day can be the worst thing that could ever happen to women as your hair can either make or break your appearance and how you present yourself to the world. A bad hair day would mean uncontrollable frizz and unforgiving dry hair, that the easiest solution would be to cover it up especially if you do not have the time to wash, dry, and style your hair. Women cannot stop thinking about their hair and how good or bad it looks. The many hair products like hair waver and thriving hair salons are proof of that, coupled with the fact that there are many different hair types, and each one needs a different kind of care and treatment.

    Some women are just born with exquisite hair that does not even need many products to maintain its natural shine, color, and fullness but these are very few and far in between. More often than not, women have to spend a lot of time, money, and effort making sure that their hair stays shiny, thick, and manageable. One’s hair is called one’s crowning glory, and it is true, great hair can tremendously impact one’s overall appearance. Not to mention that taking good care of one’s hair is also an important aspect of grooming and hygiene.

    Hairstyling is the process by which hair is transformed into a different style than what normal hair is for special occasions or to match a look or personal style. The most common and sought-after hairstyle is having curls and waves. Something is mesmerizing about wavy hair that frames the face and gives it that sexy and carefree vibe or it can also be softening and delicate and exudes femininity. However, getting the perfect curls is easier said than done, most people have wavy hair or straight hair, and none of which will look like the waves that we see on models and celebrities. 

    What is a Hair Waver? 

    A hair waver is a state-of-the-art hair curling iron that will give you that amazing beachy waves that will hold their shape the whole day and you will have soft and willowy waves that look good on any hair and skin type. As most hair curling irons apply heat to the hair to make waves and curls, the hair waver uses the same technology but due to its design and use of an advanced type of materials, the resulting waves will be crease-free and looks like natural waves. It evenly distributes heat onto the plate of the waver to produce the curls on the hair, you can also get an attachment for different types of waves according to your style.

    The attachment plates can either be large or small and will produce large waves and smaller waves respectively. The hair waver is an inexpensive way to manage a bad hair day or if you want to get that extra boost of confidence or if you want to look different for a change. The other way to achieve waves and curls is to get a permanent perm, but not many people are willing to commit to a year of permed hair. So, if you want to be stylish or if your hair needs a little pick-me-up, then the hair waver is for you.

    The curling iron applies heat to the strands of hair and if it is too hot, it can damage the hair and make it brittle. The hair waver has a built-in thermal control, when the iron reaches its set temperature, it will automatically turn itself off so that it will not damage the hair. In this way, you can use the hair waver more frequently without having to worry about damaging your hair. 

    How To Use A Hair Waver?

    Even if you have not had used a hair curling iron before, it is very easy to use the hair waver. All you need is to plug the hair waver into a power source, but do inspect that it is of the right voltage, it is best to plug it into a wall socket and not an extension cord. Once plugged in, the hair waver heats up almost instantly and you can use it to make waves and curls. You can work your way using sections of hair to place into the curling iron plates and wait for the waver to do its magic, once you pull out the hair it then turns into a wave or curl. If you are using the large waver, the resulting curls will be large.

    Although you can use the hair waver with all kinds of hair and of any length, if you have long and thick hair, you should get the large hair waver, and if you have short and fine hair, you should get the mini hair waver. You can safely use the hair waver even daily but not many people want curly hair or waves every day so that you can still use the hair waver to straighten your hair just do not use the waver attachment. 

    Where To Find The Hair Waver? 

    The hair waver is available in online shops and specialty suppliers or hair styling products, several websites sell the item and you can choose which one will work for you the best. Be aware that some of the hair waver models are on backorder, which means that the item is currently not in stock but you can still order it and when it is available, your order will be shipped to you immediately. If you do not want to wait for the backorder, then find a supplier that has the hair waver on the stock.

    Take note of your hair type and length and order the best hair waver for you, as well as the attachments available for each model so you can do more with your hair waver. Once you have decided which item you want, you can proceed to check out your order and have it delivered to your doorstep in no time.  Once you receive your order inspect it immediately for any damage and then try it out to see if the iron is hot enough and will result in the right kind of waves.

    Main Photo by Alina Kovalchuk.


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