Essential Ways to Promote Your Products & Services

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    Are you thinking about launching new products but worried about which way to promote the products? Understandably, the importance of promoting products is undeniable as one improper promotion could lead to loss of money, clientele, and missing out on business opportunities. The pandemic has had a serious impact on how businesses are being conducted around the globe, and no business, small or big, is in the position to afford and compensate for business losses. Some companies can help with the effective promotion of your products and services, such as Brandability.

    Read on to learn more about four ways to promote new services and products.

    Social Media Posts

    Social media has allowed businesses to connect with their target audience in a fun and easy way. When it comes to launching new products and introducing them to your target audience with the perspective of boosting followers and your fan base, we recommend running a social media contest.

    It has been estimated that you can gain an average of 35% new clients with one social media campaign with Facebook contests. That said, social media campaigns, such as Facebook contests, aren’t only a great way to obtain new customers but it is also an effective way to boost your social media platform’s organic reach.

    As a result of the social media contests, your winning clients should get the opportunity to get their hands first on the new products and services. Or, you could also give them the products/ services for a discounted rate or free. 

    Introductory Offers

    Instead of blatantly announcing the services and products, we recommend integrating an introductory offer and presenting your products and services in such a way that it looks like it is part of a special introductory deal. There are numerous ways to present your products and services as an introductory deal, such as discounted pricing, discounted bundle/ package, coupons, vouchers, deals (buy-one-get-one-free), free gifts, and promotional referrals.

    Whatever introductory offer strategy you opt for, make sure that you mention that the offer is for a limited time only. The underlying strategy for introductory offers is that it induces pressure and a sense of urgency upon the customers to avail the opportunity and avail from the offer. 

    Customer Reviews

    Another essential way to promote your products and services is by sharing customer reviews. In other words, you will allow your customers to promote your products for you. You could ask customers (those who initially got their hands on the products from introductory offers) and ask them to write a review on the products. Their reviews will provide substantial material for the promotion of the products while serving as a solid testimonial.

    As we pass through 2021, much of the online landscape has changed. Additionally, you can also witness a change in consumer behavior, and the way businesses are conducted. That said, people are more likely to believe the words, reviews, and testimonials of fellow buyers and hang on to their words instead of the advertisements and words of the brand itself.

    Launch a Promotional Event

    By launching a promotional event, you will have your clientele excited about the new products, and their expectations will be on the rise. By hosting an event, you can also engage with your target audience, clientele, and potential buyers by allowing them to interact with the face (s) behind the brand. Also, while hosting an event, you can win over your customers and gain their trust and loyalty.

    It is essential to mention here that the event doesn’t necessarily have to be super-organized. Something as simple as an outdoor info session can do as well.



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