Equal Rights Activists or Feminist Extremists?

    Millennials are known for taking a cause and running with it. They find some sort of #trending controversial issue and all of a sudden they are the number one advocate.

    Now, feminism is not new when it comes to issues of equal rights, but the way feminism has evolved over the past 5 years is something to speak about.

    Many men have expressed their concerns with what the Women’s Equal Rights Movement has become. Is it still about equal rights or is it just one big walking contradiction of bigotry and gender discrimination against men?

    Of course when a man brings up these points, they are said to be rude, insensitive, against gender equality and a million other things; but what if a woman questioned it?

    What if a woman stood up in the face of those declaring war on equal rights and asked them what they were really fighting for?

    I believe in equal rights. I believe women should get equal pay. I believe women should have equal opportunities in all aspects of life. Why shouldn’t they? I believe women should be treated like ladies and not pieces of meat or toys that men can play with until it is time for them to either shut up and reproduce or be dismissed.


    I believe men deserve the same exact respect and rights.

    See the thing that most of these, Feminist Extremists- as I like to call them- have forgotten is that feminism is not about tearing down men and making them bow down to us. The actual definition is as follows:

    Feminism: The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.

    It does not say Feminism is the rise of women to enslave men or belittle them. It does not say that Feminism is to take over the world and make men feel inferior to them.

    It says equal.

    See, the skewed version of feminism that exists today is exactly why I will never associate myself with being a feminist. The new wave of women who are supposedly, “standing up”, for equal rights are really just a bunch of egotistical bullies who let power go to their heads.

    If you’re insulting men, breaking them down because, “they have broken us down over history,” and are treating them like utter garbage, then congratulations. You are the biggest hypocrites that have ever walked this planet.

    You want men to treat you like ladies but you insult them to the point of embarrassment and disgrace? Why should a man hold your door if you just fought him tooth and nail for his own seat at the top of the corporate ladder?

    You yell and scream how you can do everything yourself but he still has to pull out your chair? I’m sorry, I need to draw the line there.

    A man doesn’t have to hold your door, pull out your chair or buy you dinner. A man is supposed to want to do these things. A man is supposed to believe that they are the right things to do because those are his morals and the way he was brought up. Not because  society tells him to.

    If you insulted me and made me feel unimportant, I’d still pull out your chair… but only to watch you hit the floor.

    If a man was to make that statement, he’d be verbally crucified.

    I’m a woman who has worked in sports. Sports. Where 90% of the workers are men. I never once felt as if I was being judged, treated unfairly or spoken to inappropriately. I was paid the same, worked the same hours, made more money than some and less than others.

    There were women in my office who complained and argued. Who used sex as an issue but also used sex to there advantage. These women did not command or receive the same respect I did, and rightfully so.

    Just because you’re a women doesn’t mean you’re not responsible for your actions.

    Do you treat a nice guy with the same respect as you do someone who is rude to you? Of course you don’t.

    Feminists get bent out of shape if they’re called nasty or a bitch. Well here’s a concept, maybe you’re a nasty bitch!

    I’m tired of ridiculous, “Women’s Rights”,  arguments such as, “women deserve paid sick days for their periods”, or “women can dress however they want and men have to deal with it.”


    That’s not equal at all.

    Is it a man’s fault that you were born with a vagina? Nope.

    You want to be equal but you want special privileges because you’re a women. Yeah, that’s real logical.

    As for the argument of women wearing what they want; yes, men should absolutely respect the fact that just because you’re curvy doesn’t mean you’re asking for it. Honestly, most men do. Unfortunately the bad ones just give them all a terrible name which is unfair. At the same time, if you dress like a slut and post pictures of yourself bent over a bed on Instagram with all of your goods hanging out, your argument is completely invalid.

    One of the most enraging articles I’ve read was about how a scientist had to apologize for wearing a certain shirt that offend feminists.  Are you joking?! These feminists were offended so he had to change and apologize? What if a man was offended by how short your skirt was? Oh, that’s okay right?

    If men aren’t allowed to have double standards, neither are women.

    Women are equal. Compared to where we were 50- 60 years ago? How could you still be arguing? Before you argue that women aren’t completely equal, you better understand what completely equal means.

    It means women can get drafted. It means women have to do the heavy lifting and can’t complain about it. It means women have to do EVERYTHING A MAN DOES.

    If you call yourself a feminist, you need to make sure you know what it actually means. You’re supposed to be a peace maker, an advocate, someone who works for the good of the people- and that means ALL of the people. Need an example? The flawless Emma Watson is who you should model your advocacy after.

    For all you other feminist extremist bullies, from woman to woman… pull out your own damn chair, sit down and shut up.



    • Tom La Vecchia

      Founder of New Theory & X Factor Media

      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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