Entrepreneurship 2022: Michael Marcial’s Advice To Uncork Your Sales Bottleneck

    Selling is always a challenge, and no company is exempt from it. Even the best-performing sales teams face certain obstacles along the way. Some of the major selling challenges include building trust, closing deals, feedback from prospects, pricing issues, prospecting good leads, maintaining customer relationships post-sale, and staying motivated. 

    The new normal that came with the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the sales industry tremendously. However, you can overcome your sales challenges and enjoy the benefits of your business using Michael Marcial’s tips. 

    About Michael Marcial

    Michael Marcial is a renowned world-traveling entrepreneur who has made great strides in helping coaches and course creators succeed in their industries. He helps them scale by helping them sell their offers at a higher price. Additionally, Michael is the owner of the award-winning high-ticket closing agency SUPERCOACH. Their main mission is to keep their clients focused on their Superpower. They are experts at closing, and this year they are on track to closing over $100M

    But what strategies can entrepreneurs borrow from Michael to help them uncork their sales bottlenecks?

    • Break Your Sales Routine

    Let’s say, you have just identified a prospect. You have called the prospect numerous times, but you fail to make contact this time around. You become discouraged, and you even decide to give up. Or maybe you keep contacting them with no specific expectation of attaining anything in particular. 

    You can change your sales routine. You can still make a high income without selling. Why don’t you try high-ticket closing? Michael is helping coaches and course creators sell their high-ticket offers, programs, and courses while they focus on what they do best. “We grew one client from 4.3M to 5.4M in 18 months without selling,” recalls Michael. 

    Nevertheless, someone may ask, “what is this high-ticket closing?” High-ticket closing can be defined as a process that helps people sell premium services or products at a higher price. Therefore, a single high-ticket sale is not a purchase that clients will routinely make, but it bears the potential to increase your income with certain sales goals in place. 

    Another way you can break your sales routine is to try emailing your prospects instead of calling them. You can also make an effort to reach them via social media. Trying various ways to connect to a lead could help you achieve better results rather than beating your head against the wall. 

    • Grow A Successful Sales Team

    Are you looking for better-qualified leads or better relationships and engagement with your clients? It would help if you had a sales team, a good one. A good sales team will help you with clearer and better feedback and help you stay ahead of the competition. They will offer better marketing, smoother sales, and increased revenue. 

    But what does a successful sales team look like? A successful team needs to have charisma, natural energy, and be willing to invest their time with customers. These people should have a great appetite for learning and should always hold themselves accountable for their goals.

    • Be Consistent

    Consistency has numerous benefits for every entrepreneur. It will help you to build trust with your customers. Additionally, it will establish awareness and help you deliver your services efficiently and profitably. 

    Consistency will help you make real progress and improve your daily work. To be consistent, you need to repeat what you are doing, making you better and better each time. Whether you are selling your coaching program at $10k and you feel that the sales are slow, keep selling it and try to ramp up the sales. Do it consistently. We live in days where people want reassurance and certainty. With time, customers will come looking for you. 

    Wrap Up

    The above tips have propelled Michael to build and sell several seven-figure businesses and can help you overcome your sales struggles. He has served over 2,000 clients and spoken on hundreds of stages with celebrities like John C Maxwell, Ed Mylett, and Daymond John. 

    Michael spends more time with his family but still makes time for his business. A perfect blend of business and dad jokes, Michael is completely focused on the success of his clients and will always ensure to live by his core values of excellence, integrity, and growth. 

    For more information, you can connect with Michael on Facebook or Instagram.


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