Energy Evaluations from Carolyn Harrington

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could see inside your body to find any health problems that are causing you discomfort? With an energy reading, you can do just that! Energy healing is a holistic practice, based off of scientific principles, that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. Carolyn Harrington, energy healer, medical intuitive and founder and CEO of the whole food based remedy line, Maty’s Healthy Products can tap into your energy to garner information about your health from anywhere in the world.  All that is needed is something that carries your energy such as a photo of you, an article of your’s like a scarf, or your voice if we were speaking on the phone . Your unique energy field  says a lot about your current state of health.

    Our bodies are masterfully created and full of life and energy, compelling the ability to self-heal. All parts of our body generate a unique energetic frequency: our thoughts, every cell, every organ, our skin, and hair follicles. When in partnership with one another, we have the ability to impact the way we feel and the way we heal. If we allow negative emotions to interrupt our energy flow, we make it harder to self-care and treat the root of the illness or disease, and instead often overmedicate ourselves.

    The only reason any health condition arises is because some action or function in your body stops working optimally. To heal, you need to address any disturbances that come up. Energy healing considers the energy of the mind, body, and spirit. It also complements and supports other methods of healing. Through the custom energy evaluations, Carolyn can tap into what your brain sees as the primary weakness in the body and identify any frequencies that are off or disease causing pathogens, such as viruses, fungi and bacteria, that may be blocking your ability to heal.

    Once she identifies the deficiency, Carolyn can create a personal energy remedy that has supportive frequencies to boost the weakest parts of your body, while having antidote frequencies to anything that shouldn’t be there. Additionally, she can offer other suggested natural healing techniques, including specific therapies such as Bach Flower Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping, to name a few, dietary adjustments, or lifestyle changes. The beauty of this method is that it addresses the root cause of your problem so your body will have the ability to self-heal and is completely safe for all ages.

    She uses a similar technique to develop her line of natural and organic whole-food remedies. Muscle testing is a form of applied kinesiology where you can test certain foods or ingredients to see if they are good for you, or would help alleviate certain symptoms. Her applied kinesiology skills paired with this age-old technique produced a result that provides a powerful and effective solution to chemical-laden, over the counter medicine.

    Further illustrating her dedication to providing the world with, and educating about, all-natural remedies, Carolyn created — a hub where she pays it forward by sharing helpful tips and her experiences in the art of healing.  Also check out:

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