Ellie Soufi Sings with New Theory Podcast

    Our Podcast series continues to grow as we chatted with Ellie Soufi who is a phenomenal singer and song writer.

    Ellie Soufi sat down with the New Theory podcast as she shared her story as she climbs to musical stardom. What makes Ellie different is that she has a God-given talent, but also has spent the time to develop her craft since the age of eight. If you check out her youtube, she has been singing since she was a young child (love her Whitney Houston cover) She not only stuck with it but also progressed to develop her voice and artistry to make her a one of a kind talent.

    She was a great guest as we were able to get her to sing, take a listen to the interview:

    Check out her Instagram: Ellie Soufi

    Photo Credit: Google Images


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