Easy Ways to Make Money Quickly in Toronto

    The province of Alberta may have recently advertised in Toronto subway stations about the lower cost of living, but that doesn’t mean everyone in Toronto is eager to move to Canada’s Texas. The choice to stay is all too obvious for those who enjoy many of the cultural offerings only available in Canada’s largest city.

    Coping with Toronto’s High Cost of Living

    That said, it isn’t false that the mixture of inflation and housing costs has made it more challenging than ever to make ends meet if you live in Toronto. Those who are determined not to give up any aspect of their urban way of life can help make things easier by finding new ways to earn a little extra. Here are a few of the ideas that people in Toronto have tried to earn money fast.

    Everybody’s Gotta Hustle

    In today’s economy, the most innovative success stories tend to involve that new income plan known as the side hustle. A side hustle is any money-making project you do in addition to your regular job. Some of the best side hustles involve finding new ways to monetize arts and crafts projects that you already love, such as selling your knitting, cooking or artwork online.

    Sell Your Gold

    If you own anything made of pure gold, these valuable items can be traded in for cash. When you’re looking to sell your gold in Toronto, you will find plenty of options available, so you’ll want to find a gold buyer that is reputable as a company that will give you a fair value.

    Some of the best items to sell are broken watches or jewellery that you no longer wear. There’s no reason to let these valuable goods sit around in a drawer somewhere in your home when you could use them to help pay the bills. If you own items made of gold, call a local gold buyer in Toronto to find out what they will offer you.


    If you’ve only ever held a traditional job but have additional skills that can help to earn you extra money, you could try freelancing. Some of the best options for freelancing jobs include:

    • Tutoring
    • Editing
    • Copy-writing
    • Photography
    • Book Design and Illustration

    Almost any skill that you have can be turned into a freelancing gig when you advertise your services online. Get started by checking the classified ads and online job lists for types of freelance work that you might be qualified to do.

    If you need cash quickly in Toronto, there are plenty of ways to earn it. One of the advantages of living in one of the largest cities in North America is that there is a lot of demand for just about any type of work you can think up. All you need to do is start advertising your skills or products, and you will be able to earn more money.

    Another way that you can earn money quickly is to sell things you own. Items made of gold are among the most valuable and are easiest to sell quickly, so contact a gold buyer in Toronto to get started.

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