Dog Collar World Product Review

    Dog Collar World is not just for dogs, as we shared with 4 finicky felines.

    Dog Collar World developed their collars in 1999 and has been selling at local trade shows and online stores ever since. Their collars are fashionable, unique, and still durable. Embroidery arose as a necessity when their dog’s metal ID tag fell off, leaving her lost. After finding her, they embroidered her name and phone number, and they never worried about her being stranded again!

    I have four beautiful cats. I love getting them new toys, treats, clothes, etc. I will be honest of course like every cat mom; we want to make sure our furry kids are safe. So when I first adopted my cats I thought to myself I need to get them collars just in case one day they decide to run off. So I went to Petco to pick up food, litter, toys, etc. Walked by the collar section and decided to get four cute small thin collars with a cute little bell, also got the tag name with my address and phone number for all. I went home tried the collars on them, and they hated them. I was in shock because they were still kittens, but they were just not having it. So I just took them off and forgot about it.

    Then years later two years to be exact I came across Dog Collar World. I couldn’t help but notice how cute the designs were on the collars; there is a lot of different designs for you to pick depending on your pet’s personality. I decided to give them a try if my cats didn’t like it, I could always give the collars to my friend that has dogs. I got four different styles that matched my cat’s personalities; I couldn’t wait to try them on them. I finally receive them, by the way, the shipping was incredibly fast! My cats LOVE this collars! At first, they were acting a bit weird because they are not used to have anything around their neck. But 15 minutes later, they were walking around, playing, eating like normal. It’s like they forgot they even had something on. They look so adorable they are all girls it adds that fashion statement like yes this is me! Love love this collars, but more importantly, my furry kids do too.

    About Dog Collar World:

    All collars are handmade to order of cotton fabric with an interior stabilizer. They have a welded D-ring and curved side release buckle. Please keep in mind that pattern placement may vary slightly on each collar.

    Personalized Dog Collars:

    Embroidering your pet’s name and phone number is both unique and provides a measure of security!

    Want to add a name or phone number monogram? All collars can be monogrammed in the thread color of your choice! Just add the monogram option in our store separately.

    Click below to add monograms:

    Buy Dog Collar World Here

    Please feel free to contact them with any questions or custom orders!


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