Does sending a parcel always require insurance?

    Parcel insurance from delivery service

    Parcel insurance is not without its critics. Some delivery service businesses deem it as unnecessary cost, an investment that never quite pays off for anyone. Positive opinions don’t favor much better on the recipient side of things either. They question why their insurance should cover mistreatment by the delivery company. In the end, few would disagree that it is messy.

    Does sending a parcel always require insurance? The short answer is no. Still, in some cases, sending a parcel should require insurance. But when are these costs appropriate? Here are a few pointers for when insuring your parcels can be useful.

    When It’s Something Expensive

    Some deliveries are more important than others. This is particularly true for expensive goods being transported and their rarity. Can the lost package be easily and affordably replaced? Or will it set you back a long way in terms of time and finances? These are questions that will help you decide whether to take advantage of parcel insurance. 

    If you have purchased an item online or over the phone that is particularly pricey, it can be useful to insure it. If the item is an important delivery, then a contingency plan and coverage is never ill advised. This will protect your investment and ensure that the responsible parties are held accountable for any mistakes and errors of judgement that occur during packaging and transit.

    The Couriers Reputation

    Some couriers have a foul reputation. They are renowned for breaking things or losing packages and causing each and every one of their customers never-ending bouts of dismay. Still, it can be sometimes the case that you need to do business with them when time is ticking and there are no other options. Insurance could be needed here.

    Of course, if you use a trustworthy courier like Parcel2Go, chances are insurance is not mandatory. They have a stellar reputation for reliable delivery, and with over 42 depots and 1,200 service points right throughout the UK to make sure your parcel is in good hands. Consequently, the courier’s reputation can be a good pointer as to whether or not parcel insurance is necessary.

    Your Peace of Mind

    One of the main roles of insurance is to afford peace of mind to the consumer. I serves as a legal shield, so that when things go wrong, there is a way to quickly recuperate. Without it, many buyers or users of a service can feel vulnerable or paranoid.

    If parcel insurance makes you feel more content when ordering your goods, then by all means, it is worth looking into. In the end, the only person who truly knows whether they need it or not is you. It is a gut feeling, so if you have it, don’t fight against it or let anyone tell you otherwise. Make sure you sign up to a legitimate plan with your best interests at heart, and be content with your decision thereafter.


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