Discover Central Europe: Best Guide of Austria and Hungary

    Are you about ready to see the beauty of Central Europe? The culture and the people, magnificent sights, and unseen cities. You will see all that and more on your trip to Europe, and we see no two better countries to start than Austria and Hungary. Here is our guide to help you explore!

    When To Visit?

    Both Austria and Hungary are extremely popular among tourists, so it often gets overcrowded. If you want to avoid that, we suggest choosing a time from April to June or September to November. The weather is mild, not too hot, but a bit crispy, and the flow of tourists is highly manageable, so you will not have to squeeze through the masses of people. 

    Autumn is actually a great time to visit Austria for every culture and art lover – this is the time where the museums in Vienna kick off with the newest exhibitions and collections. 

    As for spring, the sights in Hungary are just lovely! Trees blossom in cherries, and people start going out again; after being cooped up in wintertime, streets fill up with lights and life again!

    Budapest, Hungary:

    What to See?

    Good planning of any trip begins with preparing a thorough itinerary. We are here to show you the best of the best tourist attractions, the most beautiful sites and destinations you should visit. 


    With vibrant streets and glistening Alps, Austria is one of the most beautiful locations in Europe. Start by visiting the capital city, Vienna, a cultural gem of the country, full of stunning monuments and palaces, neoclassical establishments, and other interesting, fun places. 

    You should head to see a show in the Vienna Opera House or roam around Salzburg’s Old Town. 

    If you are a fan of active ways to spend time and are interested in winter sports, there is no better place than Austria. For example, you can go skiing in Arlberg, one of the biggest ski resorts in the world! Arlberg is a great place for both a starter and an advanced skier. Or visit Eisriesenwelt, one of the most extensive ice caves in the world, at 42 km in length, it is used for hiking. 

    There are also many stunning architectural pieces and culture-based establishments, such as libraries, churches, and castles, their tops merging with the Alps in the background. 


    If anything, Hungary is famous for its impressive architectural scenery. Churches, castles, and expansive government buildings scattered on the coast of the Danube river are the top attraction in the country.

    If you start your trip by going to Budapest, set aside a couple of days just to explore this city. Take tours at the Buda Castle, a spectacular Baroque historical landmark of the 17th century. You will learn about the origins of the town and will get to admire the centuries-old architecture. 

    Afterward, hit one of the notable Spa Towns. They are the legacy from Romans and Turks, dating back as far as 2000 years. Now tourists from all over the world can relax at these public thermal baths and saunas.

    Do not hesitate to search for stunning basilicas, the Parliament, and various national parks that are scattered all across Hungary. 

    Know Your Transportation

    Both Austria and Hungary are well developed in their transport systems. You can rent a car and roam around on foot if your itinerary focuses on one area. However, we suggest choosing public transportation. Buses and trams are very comfortable, but your best choice is traveling by train. You can even take Vienna to Budapest train, to move through Central Europe quickly and comfortably! 

    Plan a thorough itinerary, take your time, follow our guide, and off to Central Europe! We guarantee a fun and fulfilling holiday. Have a great time! 


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