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    A dental implant is the surgical positioning of a titanium post or mounts into the jawbone under the gums. It allows the dentist to mount a tooth when replacing the tooth or a bridge in the area. There are two types of dental grafts. They include; Endosteal and subperiosteal implant. An endosteal implant is surgically attached straight into the jaw. Another implant is done to connect a post to the original implant. Subperiosteal consists of a metal frame that is fixed on the jawbone just below the gum tissue. As the gum heals, the frame is fixed to the jawbone. When posts are attached to the frame, they protrude through the gums. Tooth loss can alter a person’s lifestyle, personality, and confidence. The following are the benefits of dental implants.

    Improves your appearance

    The most outstanding impact of implants is that they preserve bones; they avoid weakening of the facial structure and improves appearance. When teeth are compromised, and nothing is left in the jawbone to enhance its growth, the body receives impulses that the jawbone is not capable of supporting the teeth and it begins to wear. The result of this is a deteriorated facial structure.

    For example, lips fold in, the lower face shrinks up to form wrinkles that develop around the mouth. This makes the person look older than their age. When you undergo dental implant the facial structure remains youthful. This will boost your appearance, and you can comfortably smile with ultimate confidence. Long –span aesthetics is endorsed when you have a gap in the teeth. A traditional tooth-supported bridge is not preferred because they cause a lot of pain during replacement and it’s not technologically advanced than aesthetics.

    Retain natural teeth healthily

    Tooth replaced through traditional-supported bridges technique often requires a dentist to grind down the teeth. Precisely, the teeth that are next to the missing tooth; a bridge is cemented on them and retained in position. Partial dentures have a clasp that hooks to the adjacent teeth. This puts a lot of pressure on the teeth as a metal framework post moves to and fro during occasional movements. The clasps get corroded at the gum tissue. Therefore, it involves the destruction of the adjacent teeth. However, the remaining implanted teeth won’t be damaged. Dental implants are preferred because they make the teeth look natural. They don’t campaign to make the teeth look stained and damaged.

    Develop your general value of life

    Implants allow you to smile confidently and your mouth to function normally. This boosts comfort and confidence while smiling, eating and speaking. When your natural teeth are replaced with an implant, your life improves since you will be able to consume all kinds of food. It improves your lifestyle by getting rid of shambolic blocks of cement used to hold dentures, removes unsightly and destructive metal clasps which can cause a lot of pain while eating.

    Eradicate Health problems

    Improving oral health improves general health. Dental implant helps to create a healthier mouth and reduce periodontal diseases, bacteria-induced chronic infection and inflammatory diseases. According to Dr. Lazare, periodontal diseases include gingivitis. This illness cannot recover by itself unless you undergo medical attention. Delayed medical attention, can lead to lifestyle diseases such as strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. The implant improves general oral health because no harmful bacteria are produced.

    Inhibits bone damage

    You can quickly lose bone mass in your jaw when you lose teeth. Your jaw bone needs stimulation that is acquired when your teeth connect to the jawbone. This connection aids the bone to maintain its mass. A dental implant is not only a tooth replacement option but also ignites jaw stimulation. Also, it helps to prevent bone loss.

    Restore biting force

    Dental grafts anchor your jaw with titanium post that replaces the tooth root that has been damaged. They allow you to bite the same force you use with your natural teeth. Different forms of teeth replacement don’t reinstate the same force. This is because the teeth are only loosely fixed on top of the gums and are not supported in position by the roots.

    Renew your self-confidence

    The beneficiaries of implant-supported replacement can attest that their self-esteem and confidence has been regained. This is due to their improved comfort and appearance. They also boost the functionality and health of the mouth. You can smile with confidence. According to esthetics, an implant-supported replacement is natural. This is very important to your frontal teeth. It makes your outlook captivating. Tooth implant has prevented the visibility of a bone defect which is critical for a healthy smile and improves the overall appearance. Patients with dentures feel embarrassed when talking, laughing and eating in public. They are afraid that the dentures can easily shift or slip inside the mouth.

    Protection against cavity

    Artificial teeth should be cared for to prevent bacteria from building up in your mouth and cause infections. Dental implants barely decay. You can never worry about cavities if you have undergone an implant. When implanted teeth are damaged, they can only crack and at no point do they affect the adjacent teeth. This is not the same case with natural teeth. Furthermore, when you use dentures or dental bonding, it can easily break the teeth and affect the surrounding teeth by spreading harmful bacteria.

    Improves oral health

    Implant-supported teeth are easy to clean as they are cleaned the same way natural teeth are cleaned. In comparison to a tooth-supported bridge, it requires the use of floss for proper cleaning. It is also more appropriate to clean an implant –supported replacement than traditional dentures. A dental implant does not require you to buy any particular products to clean. You only do the routine cleaning that you perform on natural teeth.

    It matches your natural teeth

    Dental inserts have artificial teeth made from different varieties of shapes and sizes. Dr. Lazare will design teeth that have the same color to your adjacent teeth. He measures the size of the gap and ends up coming up with a tooth that perfectly fits in the gap.

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