Decorating and Safety Tips for Outdoor Christmas Decorations

    If you’re crazy about Christmastime, then you probably decorate the entire house for the holiday. You may have Christmas towels, Christmas dishes, and put up your Christmas tree as soon as the pumpkin pie disappears on Thanksgiving. But first, don’t forget to make a stop at the Decorator’s Warehouse.

    Before you get carried away decorating the outside of your house, here are a few tips you should know and use.

    Tips When Putting Up Christmas Lights

    Many homeowners hang Christmas lights every year from their houses. To reduce the risk of injury, they often leave them up all year round, which means exposing the lights to all types of weather. Observe these safety tips to avoid tragedies during the holiday season.

    Inspect the Lights

    If you already have lights on your house, inspect the bulbs, wiring, extension cords, and sockets. Wiring can get brittle being out in the cold and heat throughout the year. If you see copper wiring or have broken sockets, then you need to toss out the old lights.

    Check for Outdoor Use

    To replace the lights that you need to get rid of, look for those that state they are for outdoor use. Also, to reduce costs on your electric bill, remember that LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, and they don’t put off the heat than incandescent bulbs can.

    When plugging in the lights, use circuits that you know are grounded and have GFCIs, which are ground fault circuit interrupters. They are circuit breakers that can protect your home from catching fire if they become overloaded and short out. 

    Tips for Decorations on the Roof

    Many Christmas aficionados like adding displays to their roofs, such as reindeer, Santa, or Santa’s sleigh. However, many decorations are better being on the ground. Inflatable decorations can be hazardous on a roof for several reasons.

    Catching the Wind

    The wind can blow over or down an inflatable, or any other decoration, and damage your roof. The anchors can rip out from the decoration it secured. The anchors might rip off roofing shingles, guttering, or siding depending on the attachments that you used for the decorations.

    Don’t Place Near the Chimney

    Decorations that you place on the roof should not go anywhere near the chimney, especially if there is a fireplace that you want to use. 

    The heat from the fire can destroy inflatables or any other decorations with flammable materials on them. Losing your house to a fire doesn’t make for a joyful season.

    Avoid Using Staples

    Refrain from using staples to secure anything to the roof. Staples often need replacing, and they can get pulled out by the wind catching the decoration. They can also rust with exposure to moisture. Also, staples will damage your roofing and siding.

    Don’t Add Heavy Decorations to Roof

    If your Christmas decorations wouldn’t be complete without Santas Sleigh, check the weight to make sure it isn’t too heavy for your roof. Depending on its weight, the sleigh might be better off on the ground level, especially if it’s an older roof. 

    Also, measure the decorations, so they are not too big.

    Tips for Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorating

    Outdoor Christmas tree decoration (Source: Pixabay

    If you’re really into Christmas, then you probably decorate the pine trees in your yard. You might have even planted evergreens just for that purpose. Decorating outdoor trees can be fun, as well as challenging with blowing winds. Use these tips for having outdoor Christmas trees.

    Consider Decorating Trees at the Door

    Many homes have some evergreens near their front door all year round. Whether you place them in the ground or planter, Alberta spruces are small evergreens that look great with decorations.

    Whether they are near your steps or the door, add a matching wreath to the Christmas scheme for an eye-catching doorway that passersby and your neighbors will enjoy.

    Use Natural Elements for Decorating

    Instead of only having lights on the tree that are impossible to see during the day, use natural elements like holly, or add unbreakable ornaments to your trees or shrubs. 

    Your trees will draw attention during the day, as well as at night if they have a festive appearance that is easy to see in daylight.

    Also, by buying and hanging unbreakable ornaments, you won’t spend a fortune replacing ornaments every year if they break when blown off the tree. However, its easier to keep them on the tree by using a fishing line to tie the ornaments to the tree branches.

    Decorate the Shrubbery

    If there aren’t trees in the front of your house, then decorate the shrubbery around the stoop. You can do this by adding strings of small white or colored Christmas lights. Also, add a wreath to the door or to both windows.

    If you want a festive-looking house during the Christmas season without risking your home or your safety, use these decorating and safety tips to enjoy your favorite holiday and share it with others through your decorations.


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