Coliving VS Dorm Pros and Cons

    If you are a student or you’ve been a student, then you would agree that one of the first problems that they need to solve is the problem of housing. Take a look at the two most used students’ housing options with their advantages and disadvantages.

    Today, students mainly use either the dormitory accommodation or the so-called Coliving for meeting their housing needs. If you do a careful research on the Internet, you will find that each of these accommodation options has its pros and cons. We did this survey for you already and we have interesting discoveries. In any case, according to, it is quite reasonable for students to consider using Coliving as their new life-style. We evaluated it completely sporty and at the end of this article you will see the result. Why? Find out below.

    Coliving VS Dorm: 1:0

    The use of Coliving is more interesting for students because they live around people who have nothing to do with their school. At the dormitory, the student is constantly surrounded by classmates and is governed by various school rules, which usually do not prepare the student for real-life after school. This is one of the main reasons why the first point goes to Coliving. In our opinion, the student should not only be well-educated and qualified for his work after school, but also be well prepared for life itself. Coliving life-style offers this quite clearly. Unfortunately, the dormitory does not. 1: 0 for Coliving.

    Coliving VS Dorm: 1:1

    Classmates are available. The dormitory has one advantage, which is that you almost always have your classmates within reach. So if you want to ask about a task, for example, or you want your classmate to explain to you what was learned in class when you were absent, then living in a dormitory can be a plus for you. In addition, at the dormitory, you will certainly be in contact with people who have already passed your year, and these students can also help you. Thus, one point goes to the college dorm.

    Coliving VS Dorm: 1:2

    One disadvantage of Coliving is that this service is completely new. Although it is growing very fast, it is still mainly offered only in large cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. So if you are taken to a school outside these cities, it can be quite difficult to find Coliving housing, and it would be better to secure a dormitory for your housing. Thanks to this disadvantage of Coliving, the dorm gains another point.

    Coliving VS Dorm: 2:2

    Don’t think that dorm living is free. There are certain fees, and in many cases they are not exactly low. If you decide to use Coliving, then your rent is divided among all the inhabitants of the house or apartment you have chosen. This will save you a lot of money. And what’s more is that if you decide to stay in a school dormitory, then there is only one and quite possibly, it will be difficult to change the room if it does not suit you for some reason. As part of Coliving, you sign just a short-term contract and if you do not like something about a particular Coliving, you can choose another Coliving in another house or you can change your room. If you pay extra, for example, you can get a room, just for you. A room with a private bathroom, dressing room, and toilet. Point for Coliving.

    Coliving VS Dorm: 3:2

    The big disadvantage of school dormitories is the fact that you are constantly disturbed by classmates and, in addition, you have almost no privacy. That won’t happen in Coliving. You share a house or apartment with people who are either at work all day or working from the comfort of their room or somewhere in the common areas. Usually, everyone does their own thing and no one interferes with each other’s business. As we have already mentioned, if you are better off financially, you can also rent your own room, which you will not share with anyone. Thanks to this, you will get 100% privacy and be able to fully concentrate on studying. Point for Coliving.

    Coliving VS Dorm: 4:2

    As we have verified, the dormitory is not very well taken care of. Students have to take care of the cleanliness of their room and the cleanliness of the common areas, and this is usually carelessly done as no student really has time for it. Coliving is completely different. It offers regular cleaning, and as a result, you care less and know that you will live in cleanliness. In addition, safety must be mentioned. It’s not very safe on the tracks, and probably every student will tell you that. It is important to carry your most valuable stuff with you at all times, and you never know who will come to your dorm room or who your roommate will bring. As part of Coliving, this is very well taken care of. The common areas are under the constant supervision of security cameras, and each Coliving resident has their own safe where they can keep their most valuable stuff. Just great. That’s why another point goes to Coliving.

    Coliving VS Dorm: 4:3

    The dormitory has one other advantage that Coliving does not have. That is, unless you share your living with a very active chef. The food is quite well taken care of in the dormitories. You have a buffet or secure school meals. In Coliving you have a fully equipped kitchen with all appliances, but you have to cook the food yourself. Point for dorm.

    Coliving VS Dorm: 5:3

    Above all, you have your own room available in the dormitory. The common areas in the dormitory are almost always crowded, dirty, and untidy. So if you want to relax a bit during a movie or other leisure activity, then Coliving wins in this. Coliving’s common areas are equipped with a large flat-screen TV, high-speed internet, and other goodies. You can relax, for example, by playing a PlayStation or working out. Point for Coliving.

    Summary 5:3 for Coliving!

    So to sum it up, Coliving beat the track with a 5:3 result. We have compared the most important things for students and living in Coliving pays off more for them. Of course, everything varies with individuals and it depends mainly on what school they accepted you into and what the college and dorm offer you. Everyone has to evaluate it for themselves. In general, however, Coliving is a much better choice for students than dorm living.


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